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Jace's Toy Playhouse

Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge #KidfluencerHolidays

Jace's Toy Playhouse

Jace's Toy Playhouse was challenged by Kidfluencers & batteryPOP to do the Ugly Sweater Challenge. What is it? Post a video with you unboxing the sweater on camera, try it on, and do something to spread some holiday cheer to your channel We hope you all take a moment during this season to spread some Holiday Cheer! Love to all! Thanks for the sweater, the challenge and helping us spread Holiday Cheer Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jace's Toy Playhouse



#KidfluencerHolidays Sweater Challenge

We sent some of our Kidfluencers a holiday sweater and asked them to spread holiday cheer to their channels. See how they did it here!

#KidfluencerHolidays Sweater Challenge Episodes