Watch Dr. Fox™ Lab experiment gone wrong! - LEGO® Unikitty™ Video from Lego Unikitty on BatteryPop
Lego Unikitty

Dr. Fox™ Lab experiment gone wrong! - LEGO® Unikitty™ Video

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There’s a fine line between genius and madness when Dr. Fox™, Unikitty™ and Prince Puppycorn™ create new experiments in the laboratory. A brilliant scientist is always curious to try new things, and Dr. Fox is no exception. After all, what can possibly go wrong with a ball, a ray gun, and scanner? Watch out, you never know when you might accidentally unleash a slightly darker side of Unikitty. Wear protective glasses and be ready for any lab emergencies… Based on the 41454 Dr. Fox Laboratory toy set and characters from the sparkly LEGO® Unikitty TV series.





Lego UniKitty

Unikitty's priority is making sure everyone is happy and having fun in her kingdom, but don’t misunderstand her optimism – she is one princess not to be crossed. Through it all, Unikitty and her friends ensure that every day is the best day ever!

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