An Upside Down and Backwards Summer Journal

Tuesday, July 29 2014 @ 12:44 PM

An Upside Down and Backwards Summer Journal

So we’re halfway through summer, and some of you are probably keeping summer journals. Well, fine…that was the first half of summer. NOW…let’s flip that whole idea upside down and backwards! Instead of journaling about your everyday activities, try writing about all the crazy, unusual, UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS things you’re doing instead!

[NOTE: The best way to get your mind working upside down and backwards is to do a handstand (try against the wall if you can’t balance on your own) and yell “Kayak!” Then stand up and say the same word backwards.]

Here are 5 ideas for your upside down and backwards summer:

5. Use a removable Velcro strip to attach a Lego board to the underneath of a table and build a Lego town ...upside down. Take or draw a picture of your upside down creation and include it in your journal along with a story of all the backwards situations the people of Upside Down Lego Town get into. Pizza for breakfast and waffles for dinner?! MUY! (That’s backwards for YUM. It's also Spanish for "very." Either works)

4. Next time your Mom or Dad takes you to the store, put your clothes on backwards. Document people’s funny reactions in your journal. Maybe you’ll start a whole new trend!

3. Write down the lyrics to your favorite song backwards and see if they still make sense. Maybe your backwards song will hold a secret code to an upside down treasure.

2. During the school year, some kids believe wearing pajamas backwards guarantees a snow day the next day. Try wearing your pajamas backwards in the summer and keep track of the next day’s weather in your journal. Maybe it will guarantee warm sunny pool days, or maybe it will bring on an eternal winter like in Frozen. You’ll never know until you do the experiment!

1. Convince your Mom to drive backwards out of the driveway. Okay that one isn’t that out of the ordinary, but you get the idea. Take any ordinary day, make it an upside down backwards one, and make your journal the best summer journal REVE! (That’s backwards for EVER!)