Beaver, Frog, and Frog | UMIGO | This Week on batteryPOP-March 23, 2015

Monday, March 23 2015 @ 03:02 PM

Beaver, Frog, and Frog | UMIGO  | This Week on batteryPOP-March 23, 2015

New This Week: BEAVER, FROG, and FROG: BFF

When a bulldozer drains Best Friends' Swamp, it's up to BFFs Beaver, Frog, and Frog to save the day. The paper puppet musical will have you stomping your feet and singing on your lily pad! 


Popping This Week: UMIGO

What could be GREATER than learning about inequalities? Count to ten, measure volume, and have double the fun with doubles facts! UMIGO takes you to the mathemagical world of math with catchy songs that will have you snapping your fingers and counting by 5s. Check it out HERE


Short of the Week: BIG PLANS

An inventor has everything he needs to  put his big plans in action. The only thing that can stop him is... his baby brother. Don't miss this hilarious claymation short HERE!



This week, it was announced that the first manned mission to Mars has been set for 2026. The purpose of the mission is to see what would be needed to build a colony on the planet. So, if you're already thinking of places to retire to, don't forget to consider the red planet! 


This Week's Trivia: What Caldecott winning book is based on the life of the film director who made the short film A Trip to the Moon? 


Last Week's Trivia: What kids' show started as a short series about a guinea pig traveling into space? 

Answer: The Wonder Pets!