Ben Rudnick | The Digits | This Week on batteryPOP-February 23, 2015

Monday, February 23 2015 @ 12:21 PM

Ben Rudnick | The Digits  | This Week on batteryPOP-February 23, 2015


Grab a mandolin and make friends with an alien. Shred on your guitar and sing about the power of love. Run, hop, or fly on over to batteryPOP and join in with Ben Rudnick and Friends as they take you out of this world and back to the pond! Check it out HERE!


Short of the Week: THE SUN ALSO RISES

Ferd and Alice are looking for a new home, but on their journey, they encounter a bear, a police officer, and a pair of territorial kids. Will they complete their quest? Find out HERE


Popping This Week: THE DIGITS

A malfunctioning clocktopus, killer meters, and Doomfinger's ruler of doom. Space is dangerous, but The Digits' math skills get them through it. Grab your calculator, protractor, and drumsticks, because The Digits are ready to rock! Count on them HERE


Kids' News: LET IT GO

Police in a town in rural Kentucky issued a warrant for the arrest of Queen Elsa. The cold may never have bothered her, but this freezing winter is too chilly for the rest of us non-ice-powered folks. 


This Week's Trivia: What YA novelist started her career as a children's television writer (writing for shows like Clifford: Puppy Days, Little Bear, and Clarissa Explains It All)? 


Last Week's Trivia:  What author/illustrator got his start designing window displays for famous toy store F.A.O. Schwarz? 

Answer: Maurice Sendak!