Best Animated Feature of 2015 - Which Movie Will Win?

Sunday, February 22 2015 @ 12:38 AM

Best Animated Feature of 2015 - Which Movie Will Win?


It’s Hollywood’s biggest night…OSCAR NIGHT! Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris from “The Smurfs,” tonight the Academy will hand out awards for the best movies, actors, writers and more for 2015. But there’s one category in particular that we are most psyched about: Best Animated Feature!

The first award for Best Animated Feature went to “Shrek” in 2001. Since then movies like “Finding Nemo,” “Happy Feet,” “Toy Story 3” “Rango” and “Frozen” took home the prize. Who will win the shiny gold Oscar statue this year?

Here are the nominees. All five films are rated PG:


Big Hero 6

Disney’s “Big Hero 6” is a comedy, action adventure about a boy and his inflatable robot. When Hiro and his robot Baymax discover a criminal plot, they team up with their friends to form a legion of high-tech heroes…with NO crime-fighting experience.

You can see the trailer HERE.


The Boxtrolls

In the town of Cheesebridge, evil exterminator Archibald Snatcher convinces the townspeople that a mysterious group of underground creatures called Boxtrolls must be exterminated. But a boy named Eggs, who was raised by Boxtrolls, knows this is far from the truth! To save his beloved adopted family, Eggs goes above ground into the human world for the very first time.

You can see the trailer HERE.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

In this sequel to the 2010 film, Astrid, Snotlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races, while Hiccup and Toothless travel through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave, the two friends find themselves at the center of an epic battle to protect the realm.

You can see the trailer HERE.


Song of the Sea

This animated fantasy film from Ireland is based on the Irish legend of the Selkies, which are seals that have become people. Saoirse and her brother Ben leave their grandmother’s house to go on journey to learn about their past and save the world of magic. It all begins with a shell flute that belonged to their mother. Once Saoirse discovers it, she is able to open her powers.

You can see the trailer HERE.


The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

“The Tale of Princess Kaguya” is an animated fantasy from Japan, based off of a Japanese folk tale called “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” A bamboo cutter discovers a girl inside a bamboo stalk. He and his wife call her Princess and raise her as their own daughter. This young girl turns into a beautiful lady, but hides a dark mystery. In the end, she must deal with her fate and be punished for her wrongdoing.

You can see the trailer HERE.


The 87th Academy Awards airs TONIGHT on ABC!


Happy watching!!


by Dema Hanna