Face Off! Which Celebrity Would Win These Crazy Competitions?

Thursday, May 29 2014 @ 09:14 AM

Face Off! Which Celebrity Would Win These Crazy Competitions?

What if you could take your favorite celebrities and match them up in the craziest competitions you could think of? We might never know for sure who would win, but it’s fun to imagine!


Longest Handstand: Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

No cheating on this one by doing a handstand against the wall! Which of these singing celebs would be able to hold the upside-down pose the longest: the “Birthday” singer or country pop star? Judging by a picture we saw of Katy Perry doing the splits in China, we think she could do it!


Fastest Backwards-Alphabet-Reciter: Justin Timberlake vs. Benjamin Flores Jr.

We know Justin’s got some skill on a microphone, but when it comes to reciting the alphabet backwards, it’s speed that counts. Benjamin Flores Jr. (better known as Lil P-Nut) might only be 11, but he showed us his rap skills in “Happy Feet 2” so we’re going to pick him for the win!


Sit Still the Longest: Elsa vs. Anna from “Frozen”

Sitting still is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you feel an itch on your eyebrow or accidentally start tapping your foot. If we put sisters Elsa and Anna to the test, which one would stay statue-like the longest? Based on what we learned from the movie, Anna seems to have a little less patience than older sister Elsa, so we’ll give the ice queen first place this time around!


Hot-Dog Eating Competition: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Hugh Jackman

If these two “X-Men” stars faced off over a platter of hot dogs, who would walk away with the prize (and the fullest stomach)? The Wolverine actor might have a pretty solid appetite, but J-Law seems like she’d be up to the challenge! In the end, the trophy would probably go to Hugh—but just barely.


Hold the Most Stuffed Animals: Michael Strahan vs. Dwayne Johnson

It’s a former NFL star against The Rock to see who can collect the biggest pile of stuffed animals and hold them in his arms. To win this competition, you’d need to have strength and balance. Long arms probably wouldn’t hurt either, but these two stars are the same height so it’s hard to tell! Our guess? This one would go to The Rock because of his wrestling experience.