Sunday, February 09 2014 @ 08:10 AM


With the release of The Lego Movie this weekend, we started thinking: what other amazing classic toys should get their own movie? Here are some of our blockbuster ideas!


Tamagotchi.  Tommy Maybin’s parents won’t let him have a dog, so instead he gets a virtual pet: Tamagotchi. One night, Tommy’s Tamagotchi leaps out of its device and into his living room. Turns out, an unstoppable computer virus is making all the Tamagotchis around the country sick except for one, Tommy’s.  Tommy and his Tamagotchi shrink down to pixel size to voyage to the heart of this virus and save Tamagotchis everywhere!


Super Soaker. Alien Invasion! UFO Attack! Chaos everywhere! They’re taking over the earth! Their only weakness…a high-pressured water blast. 6 students from Aquaville Middle School strap on their Super Soakers to save the planet!  Don’t forget to pump it up!


Hungry Hungry Hippos.  It’s a race to feed their face!  No more smacking the backs of these hippos when they come to life and start eating everything in sight!  Marcie Andrews and her little brother Jeff embark on a journey to find the seven magic marbles to fill up the hippos and stop their reign of hunger!


Pogs.  Having the heaviest Slammer on the playground meant you couldn’t be beat.  This movie is like Wall-E but instead of trash, there are Pogs everywhere.  In a world overrun by Pogs, Scott Kendall is humanity’s last hope to create a healthy living space.  He must destroy all the Pogs with his trusty Slammer!  To the victor go the spoils!


Magic 8 Ball.  Having this toy meant you held the answers to all life’s questions in the palm of your hands.  In this movie, Carly Rogers finds a Magic 8 ball on the street…that’s really MAGIC! And instead of the usual 20 possible answers that show up, this one says things like “rain bacon cheeseburgers,” “school everyday of the week,” “all your toys come to life,” or “fly on your magic bed sheet.” And whatever it says…comes true!