How do you open a water bottle? This Kid Inventor found a better way!

Thursday, January 29 2015 @ 01:38 PM

How do you open a water bottle? This Kid Inventor found a better way!

batteryPOP continues our search for awesome kids making a difference in the world. This week, we’re talking to Alex Esposito, a third grader from New Jersey. Alex is the creator of KapTap, a very cool invention that makes it easy—and safe—for kids to open plastic water bottles. Alex spilled the truth to batteryPOP about his project for kids, his other interests, and some advice for other budding kid inventors.


batteryPOP: What is KapTap all about?

Alex: With KapTap you don’t have to twist off your bottle water cap. It’s an easy and safer way to open your water bottle, instead of using a pen or something where you could stab yourself.


batteryPOP: When did you first think of it?

Alex: I was in kindergarten and there were third graders going to lunch in the cafeteria, and I saw someone get hurt using a pen [to open a bottle of water]. 


batteryPOP: Did he poke himself with a pen trying to open a bottle?

Alex: Yes. It wasn’t like an emergency but he needed a Band-Aid. It made me think there had to be a safer way to do it.


batteryPOP: So what happened next?

Alex: I went home and asked my dad about what we could do. Together we made a prototype. And then I tested it on a water bottle and it worked!


batteryPOP: How did you know this was something other kids would want to use?

Alex: I knew it would be a good idea, because if you drop it, it only has a few drips, and all your water’s not going to just spill out. And it opens the water bottle easily.


batteryPOP: What do you think is the best thing about your invention?

Alex: I like that you can shoot the water pretty far from the bottle. But, it is really about how easy it makes opening my water.


batteryPOP: What do you think is the best invention ever, besides KapTap?

Alex: My mom has an app on her cell phone you can use to lock and unlock the car doors. That’s really cool.


batteryPOP: Do you have any funny or hidden talents?

Alex: Surfing. I do tail whips. It’s when you go up the wave, and then you turn back. You spin in a halfway motion, turn, go up the wave and then come back down. It’s a lot of fun.


batteryPOP: Do you go surfing a lot?

Alex: Yes, all summer long at Monterey Beach.


batteryPOP: Did you ever take lessons?

Alex: Over the summer, I got a foam board, and maybe the first year was the summer before kindergarten.


batteryPOP: What are some of the fun things you’ve gotten to do since KapTap came out?

Alex: Sign autographs. I was called the “Kid Creator” at events and local stores.


batteryPOP: Anything else really fun about having your own invention?

Alex: Yes, having kids come up and tell me they like my inventions.


batteryPOP: What’s your favorite gadget in the house?

Alex: Tools I have in my toolbox, and my Raptor 90 quad. My sister has a little electric dune buggy so if she is ever out of power, I can hook up a strap and tow her into the garage.


batteryPOP: A lot of kids have ideas about things they’d like to invent but they don’t think they can do it. What advice do you have for kids who would like to do something with their idea for an invention?

Alex: Don’t give up. Keep trying.


Thank you so much to Alex for answering our questions! For more about water and science for kids, check out Professor Blue on batteryPOP!


Written by Rachel Bozek