How to Have a Hunger Games Party (Without Anyone Getting Hungry)

Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 02:50 PM

How to Have a Hunger Games Party (Without Anyone Getting Hungry)

You don’t need to eat a squirrel or out-run a fireball to have an authentic Hunger Games themed party. With just a few supplies parachuted in from your sponsors, and some food fit for the capital, you can have a celebration worthy of a birthday, holiday, or even to commemorate the time you hit an apple in a pig’s mouth during your archery challenge. Re-read the book, re-watch the movie, and share your love of The Hunger Games with a party people won’t want to forget.


Presentation to Society:

The first impression is the most important, so all the guests must be dressed in impressive garb representative of their district. Put out a pile of recyclable material (newspaper, bubble wrap, paper towel rolls, and anything else funny you can find) and give the guests 10 minutes to create an outfit using only the materials in front of them. End with a parade around the block and try to get passers-by to chant for your district.


Archery Competition:

Using a toy bow, compete in a game of “who can shoot different weird objects the farthest.” Be sure to only use soft objects, and the goofier, the better. Rubber chickens, ballet shoes, and Santa hats work very well.


The Great Feast:

Sandwiches on Peeta bread and Kit-Katniss Bars taste great and present the perfect opportunity for making an elaborate menu to pass out to guests. No party is complete without a cake. You can have a chocolate cake decorated with a mocking jay or many cupcakes with guests’ names listed on them (so you can pull their names out as tribute… to eat the cupcake you just pulled).


After a party like this, no districts would even dream of rebelling. Happy Party Games, and may the cakes be ever in your flavor!