It's a cornucopia of kids shows, this week on batteryPOP! Friday November 27, 2015

Friday, November 27 2015 @ 02:41 PM

It's a cornucopia of kids shows, this week on batteryPOP! Friday November 27, 2015

New This Week: KIT N KATE

Kit and Kate are at it again in BRAND NEW EPISODES! A jump into their magical box of toys leads to exciting adventures...but beware of the trouble ahead! A dragon's fiery breath spreads out of control, a recipe for spoiling your appetite, the trick to being a great detective, and so much more!

What lessons of the day will come into play?

Popping This Week: TIDBITS With NORM AND CORY 

Even squirrels make mistakes. Who knew! The dynamic duo of Norm & Cory recount their top 5 goof ups from the past season of Tidbits. In this final episode, learn the actual size of atoms, the secret ingredient in sugar that helps us breathe, and the real deal about meerkats! Norm & Cory, we'll miss you!

What's their GOOFIEST goofup?

Short of the Week: The BALL 

 Someone once said, "the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said." What happens when two misfits who don't speak the same language try to communicate? Find out in this amazing new short film about sports and friendship!  

 The game is the thing!

From Our YouTube Channel: Thanksgiving Playlist

Gobble till ya wobble! We've stuffed our YouTube channel with some great Thanksgiving treats. The pilgrimage of the turkeys, DIY chocolate crazed candy turkeys, popping 3-D turkeys, and a visit from the Peanuts gang!

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Kids News of the Week

Just in time for the Holidays, batteryPOP is now part of Samsung Kids! The new batteryPOP mobile app features easy and exclusive access to our favorite web shows, short films, cartoons, music videos, STEM series and so much more!