Meet Butch Hartman, Creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, and Now the NOOG NETWORK!

Sunday, July 19 2015 @ 11:02 PM

Meet Butch Hartman, Creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, and Now the NOOG NETWORK!

He created Fairly Odd Parents. He created Danny Phantom. And he created TUFF Puppy. And now, Butch Hartman is creating a whole new world for kids… the NOOG NETWORK! Butch and his family just launched a brand new app, and we are super excited to learn all about this cool new network from Butch himself!

batteryPOP: Tell us what the Noog Network is.

BUTCH: The Noog Network is an interactive app for kids where kids can choose their own Noog (like a character, or Smurf!) from several Noogs who are free.

Once you choose your Noog, you can watch live action shows, cartoons, play games and collect more Noogs.


batteryPOP: So…what is a Noog?

BUTCH: A Noog is an imaginary character that comes in all shapes and sizes. They’re neither boy nor girl, and they’re all funny. The key word is FUNNY.

When you first sign in, there’s a choice of three Noogs: Red, Blue and Yellow. That’s your Noog until you buy a new one, and there’s a Noog Store where there’s a choice of 8 more Noogs. And I’ve done every piece of artwork on this app myself!


batteryPOP: Can you tell us about the shows on the Noog Network?

BUTCH: Like any network, we have a variety of entertainment. Can’t just make one thing! There’s Zach 2.0, a live action teen drama with Sci-Fi twist. There are 6 Noog Cartoons, including Booger Brothers, about two boogers in a nose and one always gets “picked.” We have a couple of music videos, and a bunch of Behind The Scenes videos, like how we made the Noog Tunes theme song.

Oh, and there’s a news cast called Noog News with host Suzie McNoogle and her superhero co-anchor Noog Dood.

And we have a couple more live action shows coming out soon, including a music themed show called Scarlett. Stay tuned!

batteryPOP: What do you like best about creating shows for kids?

BUTCH: I love to entertain people. I love to make people laugh. When I was a kid, I loved to laugh, so I want to get kids to not think about how tough school can be, or life can be. There’s a saying in Proverbs “A merry heart does good like medicine,” or put another way, “laughter is the best medicine!”


batteryPOP: How is making a cartoon different from making a live action show?

BUTCH: The hours are a lot different. Making a cartoon is great because the actors never talk back! And I’m pretty much unlimited to what I want to do…and I have air conditioning!

Live Action you’re limited to a location, the weather, and you have to feed your crew!


batteryPOP: What was the first show you ever created?

BUTCH: A show called Pfish and Chip, created at Hanna Barbera. I think it was in 1994 or 95.

batteryPOP: What were your favorite shows growing up?

BUTCH: All the Bugs Bunny shows, Happy Days, Taxi, Cheers, Gilligan’s Island. I loved comedy mostly. I loved anything from Hanna Barbera, like The Flintstones and the old Tom & Jerry cartoons from the movies.

I also loved anything from Walt Disney, and as I got older, The Simpsons.


batteryPOP: Do your own kids help you with the Noog Network?

BUTCH: Yes! I have two daughters who help me. And they’re actresses! Sophia does voice overs, and Carly is also my behind the scenes photographer. And my wife Julieann is our executive producer. We’re pulling in family and friends to help as much as possible right now!


batteryPOP: How is watching shows on an app different than watching shows on TV?

BUTCH: I think it’s more fun in an app because with an app you watch as many times as you want to watch, and you don’t have to watch commercials.

batteryPOP: Will there be any secret places to visit in Noog Land?

BUTCH: Yes. We are creating secret places right now. Eventually we’ll have multiple levels. The ones you can’t go into right now, we’re starting to develop.


batteryPOP: If Cosmo & Wanda could grant you one wish, what would it be?

BUTCH: It would be to make the Noog Network a HUGE SUCCESS!


Thanks Butch for answering our questions!