Meet Colin Huntley!

Friday, May 09 2014 @ 11:22 AM

Meet Colin Huntley!

Colin Huntley is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas, and today, he's the subject of our New Music Now interview! 


BatteryPOP: When did you start playing music?  

Colin: I picked up a guitar when I was 11. My dad had played for years and encouraged me to play, but I never had the attention span until then. I got the game Guitar Hero 3, and it sparked my interest in guitar. I always begged my dad to come watch my play the game. One day, he did, but he brought his real guitar along. He started playing the song on the real guitar and improvising on top of that. I immediately dropped the plastic guitar and asked for guitar lessons.  
From there, I never stopped. I played for hours and hours a day, staying up way too late learning song after song. I fell in love with it. One thing led to another, and then I was singing and writing songs, and it just kept escalating. And now it is a full blown passion.  


bPOP: How do you get song ideas?  

Colin: I get my song ideas often through experience. I’ve found that in the heart of a good or bad experience, I never can seem to write a good song, but I always can after the fact. Something about experiencing something, getting over it, and then looking at it from an outside perspective really inspires me.  


bPOP: What’s the wildest place you’ve ever performed? And if you could perform anywhere, where would it be? 

Colin: The wildest was at a Country Dance Hall in Texas. My band and I were really looking for gigs and we saw that this dance hall had a “teen night”. We thought we should go play it. We’re most definitely not a country band. But the kids that were there really wanted to do some country dancing. So we were up there playing pop and rock and roll while the kids there were two stepping to literally anything we would play. It was pretty funny actually, but we were still well taken. It was a fun night!  
For sentimental reasons, if I could play anywhere, it would be the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. That’s the venue where all the stars come in the Austin area. It’s where I saw my first concert. It would just be an incredible feeling to play that venue sold out someday.  


bPOP: What was your favorite cartoon growing up?  

Colin: That’s toss up. I have these crazy fond memories of CatDog. I used to think that show was so weird, but that’s what I loved about it. The same goes for Spongebob Squarepants though. The old episodes. I still watch that show on a regular basis. It keeps me in touch with the 6-year-old me.  


bPOP: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be and what would you sing?  

Colin: It would have to be John Mayer. He’s my all time music hero. I would love to go in and do a duet on his song “Edge of Desire.” It’s my favorite song of all time. It’s also a very open song. There’s so much that could be done to it if you wanted to go in and change it up a bit. That would be a lot of fun.  


bPOP: If you had to start a band that only sang about one thing, what would you sing about, and what would your band be called?  

Colin: That’s a really tough question actually… I really like “crazy socks.” And so do my bandmates, so I think we could definitely find some fun in singing about crazy socks. How far would that go? I don’t know.


Thanks to Colin for answering all our questions, and be sure to check out his song, "Best I Never Had," HERE on New Music Now!