Meet Craig, Ewan, and Mark, creators of Gibble Gobble!

Wednesday, May 28 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Meet Craig, Ewan, and Mark, creators of Gibble Gobble!

Craig, Ewan, and Mark are the creators of Gibble Gobble, and today, they're the subjects of our batteryPOP creator interview!


batteryPOP: What does "Gibble Gobble" mean?

Mark: Gibble Gobble was part of my nick name when I was a kid. Mark Giblin. Gibble Gobble Chocolate Wobble. I told the Crewjo boys, and they thought it was hilarious, and a great name for a cartoon series. We all agreed on that one!


batteryPOP: How did the Gibble Gobble team meet and decide to make a show?

Craig: Mark and I met at Kidscreen, New York, and got on just swimmingly. We all love comedy and making content for kids. So we thought it was a no brainer to make a show together.

Mark: I guess I have that knack of making the wacky stuff and it just seemed a great we decided on it while sitting in the Kidscreen lounge waiting for our big break!

Ewan: I don’t like airport security and flight food so I didn’t make it to Kidscreen...



batteryPOP: Where did you get the idea for the characters and the stories from Gibble Gobble?

Mark: We wanted to make a fun cartoon for the World Cup 4 years ago, and somehow the crazy idea of a boy and his tortoise sprung up. I'd made a series for Flying Bark in Sydney using photo cut outs, and Craig loved the style, so he took some photos of his kids and I used them to build the boys character. I think the tortoise was Craig’s idea.

Craig: Ah yep, I had one as a pet that taught me how to play backgammon...

Ewan: I wanted a ferret from Scandinavia, but we couldn’t catch one in time as we live in Perth...

Mark: The initial idea was to show what dedication and resilience can bring to you. The Resilience Show!  Practise hard at something you like (the boy with the football) and with time you will achieve your goal. But all that deep thinking stuff fell away when I came up with the balloon episode.

Craig: And I wanted to include fart noises and Scottish accents...You don’t live here! (watch Where’s my Aquarium) 


batteryPOP: What's the most fun part about making the show? 

Mark: Craig had the great idea to invite comedians to wax lyrical over the silent animation. The idea really is to have multiple comedians do multiple takes over the same cartoon, then have kids vote on what's funniest. We'd still love to take it that way.

Ewan: It's a really big idea that could cross many cultures. Imagine comparing an Irish comedian’s take with a Kiwi's. It'd be hilarious.

Craig: I invited the super talented Matt Reid & Sean Browning from The Second City Toronto to just have a go at doing some improv comedy to the silent shows. They really took them to another level... a level that I just loved. Random and funny! And coming up with just silly stuff, laughing and loving what you do is what it’s all about.

Mark: I chopped up their audio over the cartoons. That really made me laugh!


batteryPOP: Did you make movies when you were a kid?

Mark: You would've had to be a millionaire’s son to make movies when I was a kid.

Craig: No, not really. But when we had the boys it gave me a free licence to make up crazy stories that they laughed at...I thought I was the king! Now they just think I’m embarrassing

Ewan: Yes, stop motion ones involving a sock, an ice cream and the poo from wildlife in Jamaica...great times.



batteryPOP: When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Mark: A brain surgeon. I thought a lot bigger then than I do now

Craig: Tall and a comedian.

Ewan: A soccer player named Pele.


batteryPOP: What was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?

Mark: I loved the Wacky Races

Craig: I had two, Hong Kong Phooey and Batfink

Ewan: Popeye and Captain Pugwash.


batteryPOP: If you were a superhero, who/what would your sidekick be?

Mark: A tortoise. What else?

Craig: Anyone shorter than me, but not better looking. Probably a Hobbit..or Mark.

Ewan: Definitely someone shorter than me...Craig. Hahaha


Thanks to Craig, Ewan, and Mark for answering all our questions. You can check out their show, Gibble Gobble, HERE on batteryPOP!