Friday, March 28 2014 @ 03:59 PM


Sydney Leigh is a 15-year-old pop singer from Michigan. And today, she's the subject of our very first musician interview!


bPOP: Where do you get inspiration for songs you write? 


SYDNEY: My inspiration for my songs comes mostly from my personal experiences and daily life. Being a teenager comes with many challenges and eye opening experiences which all influence my songs. 


bPOP: When did you start performing?


SYDNEY: I started performing when I was 5, I performed in many plays and musical theater. I knew that when I was first enrolled in theater and private vocal lessons, that I wanted to continue as a singer. 


bPOP: What's the message of Crazy Beautiful? 


SYDNEY: Being a unique individual and allowing different types of people to come together as one was the real message I wanted to get across. When you listen to the song it seems like an uplifting, happy song. I wanted to convey a positive message in the song, that also had a deeper meaning. 


bPOP: How do you define "Beauty?" 


SYDNEY: When we think of beauty the first image that comes to mind is someone's appearance. To me beauty is how you portray yourself to others, Your looks may give you beauty, but it's your character that makes you beautiful.



bPOP: What's the craziest thing that's happened to you as a performer? 


SYDNEY: The craziest thing that happened to me as a performer is getting the flu a week before performing a NBA halftime show! It was crazy that I got sick at the wrong time, but luckily I recovered in time.


bPOP: What's a challenge you've had to overcome in your career so far? 


SYDNEY: Being in the music business can be a big challenge. There is a constant pressure on you all the time and I have learned how to deal with pressure and balancing my music career. 


bPOP: What was your favorite part of making the Crazy Beautiful video? 


SYDNEY: My favorite part of making the video was definitely the rain scene. It was the last scene that had to be shot, it was about 2 o'clock in the morning and we were all ready to get wet! The director said "action" and I remember dancing and just getting soaked! It was an amazing and surreal experience when the rain stopped the director called "that's a wrap"!



bPOP: What do you do for fun when you're not singing? 


SYDNEY: I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love going to the mall and movies with my friends. I also like to go to school activities such as basketball games, and football games!


bPOP: Which artists do you admire and why? 


SYDNEY: Katy Perry is a huge inspiration to me, she has been dedicated to her music her whole life, and I think her story is amazing. She writes great music and is a fantastic performer! Her music has a lot of variety and you can see how her music has evolved over time. 


bPOP: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be and what would you sing? 


SYDNEY: I would want to sing with Christina Aguilera and I would want to sing her song "Beautiful" she is also a huge inspiration to me and "Beautiful" is my favorite song of all time. 


bPOP: What was your favorite cartoon growing up? 


SYDNEY: My favorite cartoon was the "Fairly Odd Parents" I loved the magical aspect of having your own fairies :)


bPOP: What do you like to eat after you perform? 


SYDNEY: I like to eat any greasy food before I perform. The grease is good for your throat and helps me sing better.


bPOP: If you could ask any celebrity to the prom, who would it be? 


SYDNEY: I would ask Zac Efron, I have been a fan of him since High School Musical :)


Thanks so much to Sydney Leigh, and check out her music video for "Crazy Beautiful" on New Music Now by clicking HERE!