Meet Ramona Jan, creator of Some Strings Attached!

Wednesday, April 09 2014 @ 01:12 PM

Meet Ramona Jan, creator of Some Strings Attached!

Ramona Jan is the creator of Some Strings Attached, a marionette series. And this week, she’s the subject of our batteryPOP creator interview!


BatteryPOP: How did you first decide you wanted to do performances with puppets? Did you ever perform without puppets? 


RAMONA JAN: I decided to do puppets after making all kinds of sculptures that didn't move.  I wanted the things I made to move around and be somebody.  I performed without puppets when I sang and played electric guitar in rock bands.


bPOP: Where do you get inspiration for what puppets to make or what to do puppet shows about? 


RJ: I get my inspiration from music and the things around me.  Sometimes I just get an idea for a story and I need a puppet to tell it.


bPOP: Who was the first puppet you made?


RJ: The first puppet I made was Lucinda.


bPOP: What do you make the puppets out of? 


RJ: Some of my puppets are made of wood and wire.  Others are made from fabric, sand and yarn.  I just made a dog, Lacy, from an old pair of boots and a pocket book.


bPOP: How do you decide what show to make next? 


RJ: I never really think about what show to do next.  I just think about what puppet I want to make and then the story comes alive as I make the character.


bPOP: Did you make puppets or put on plays as a kid? What were they about? 


RJ: I put on lots of plays when I was a kid because I have three brothers and a sister for cast members.  Most of my plays were about nature.


bPOP: Do you have any puppeteer role models? 


RJ: Most of my puppets are marionettes so there are not too many role models.  It's a complicated and much forgotten form of puppetry.  It's not at all like the muppets!


bPOP: Who were your favorite puppet characters growing up? 


RJ: Growing up I was not that interested in puppets, or dolls for that matter.  I was a tom-boy.  I liked climbing trees, biking, and swimming.


bPOP: How is a marionette different from other kinds of puppets? 


RJ: Marionettes are puppets on strings.  They take a lot of practice just like a musical instrument and each one is very different to operate than the other.



bPOP: When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew? 


RJ: When I was ten, I wanted to live in nature around trees and flowers.  I wanted to run, jump and play.  I never thought about growing up. 


Thanks so much to Ramona for answering our questions, and check out SOME STRINGS ATTACHED HERE on batteryPOP!