Meet StarLord, a 3rd Grade Minecrafter on a Mission!

Monday, June 22 2015 @ 03:45 PM

Meet StarLord, a 3rd Grade Minecrafter on a Mission!

Meet StarLord, the kid behind StarLord plays Minecraft! StarLord is the main gamer on the series. He plays Minecraft in a bunch of different styles with other kids just like you. The editing of the videos is done by a mysterious wizard called the Architect, who is always watching and listening. The responses to our interview questions are from StarLord himself but typed by the writer called "Waldo" who is a newly hired Robot Alien, and also writes the video descriptions. Check it out below, and keep an eye out for StarLord Plays Minecraft videos here on batteryPOP! 

batteryPOP: How did you become StarLord0783?

StarLord: Originally we were messing around on the Xbox trying to find a name that other kids could easily read.  During that time the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" came out and we loved it.  StarLord is the nickname of the main character and we chose that.  The 07 is my birth year and the 83 is my dad's birth year.  I prefer to just be called StarLord though.


batteryPOP: Who is The Architect and what is his role? 

StarLord: My dad and I started making videos for YouTube a few years ago. Mostly funny skit videos on a channel called "Random Reels" that my dad started. The Architect is a wizard who enjoys making videos and contacted my dad to help out.  In time a friendship and style was formed.  He is the one responsible for the video recording, audio recording, editing, and uploading.  He's a funny wizard but you won't see him or hear him in the videos. He prefers to remain mysterious.


batteryPOP: What are three different types of episodes that you make? What's your favorite? 

StarLord: I play "Creative" mode where we already have all the supplies we need and just go build what we want.  Kind of like going and making a toy to play with.

The Architect uses the game's other features to create "Mission" worlds for me and my friends to complete.  In these worlds we have to complete a task with only the supplies given.

The other type of episode is simply called "Visiting" and its where I go to other friend's worlds and show-case the incredible things I've found.  They really enjoy seeing their creations show up on the internet.

My favorite is definitely "Creative."  I mean we build our own worlds and then play with them.  At my age that is awesome!


batteryPOP: How do you connect with other players in other places? What's the farthest place one of your friends comes from?

StarLord: Most of my friends are from the USA right now. I regularly play with kids from California, New York, Texas, Florida and many places in between.  We have recently been contacted from players in Europe and Australia but haven't been able to record or game with them yet.  I hope to soon.  It has been a long journey because my dad and the Architet monitored conversations in the beginning and only those kids that were respectful and well mannered could stay.  Now we have a lot of cool, funny, interesting kids that are video approved.

batteryPOP: Are there any StarLord secrets you can tell us?

StarLord: LOL well I don't know if it's a secret but I'm going into third grade next school year and in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade I was named the unanimous class clown.  I enjoy making people laugh. Sometimes it gets me in trouble!


batteryPOP: Do you have any advice for other kids who want to get really good at Minecraft?

StarLord: I don't consider myself good at Minecraft.  The way I play is more of a social interaction challenge.  I've picked up a lot of techniques and ideas over the years though.  Just play with as many different players as you can and don't be afraid to try new things. 


batteryPOP: What is the craziest or funniest thing that has happened while playing Minecraft? 

StarLord: Funny stuff happens all the time when we play.  The craziest thing that has happened was a world that my friends and I spent days building.  It was amazing with everything you could think of.  A child's city.  Well one day I left with my dad to go to the park and forgot to sign out.  Someone came into the world and spread Lava over everything.  It burned it all to the ground.  It took me a long time to get over that and to this day I'm not sure who did it.  I definitely sign out from now on!


batteryPOP: What's the coolest thing or place you've ever built?

StarLord: I have build some awesome things but one cool thing that comes to mind is the Minecraft Cannon.  My dad and I spend hours trying to perfect it and finally we were able to launch a flaming block of TNT.  I still remember that moment of celebration. I still use that same cannon design today.

batteryPOP: What do you do when you're not playing Minecraft? 

StarLord: I like going to parks, nature, swimming, soccer, making real life videos, playing with friends, reading, making forts, going to the theaters, and just being a kid.


batteryPOP: What other video games do you like to play? Will you upload videos of them?

StarLord: I like to play Disney Infinity 2.0 and some of the Lego Batman games.  We attempted to record Disney Infinity in the beginning but the graphics are so extreme that we had trouble getting quality video.  Once we get a new laptop with a faster processor the Architect says we should be able to record anything.  So the answer is yes!  We will one day upload gameplay from other games.  Minecraft is like no other game you will ever see though.  It will be hard to beat.


batteryPOP: If you were a superhero, what would your superhero name be? What would your super power be?

StarLord: Well my name is StarLord in the gaming world lol.  I guess he isn't exactly a superhero though.  I like all kinds of superheros.  I've pretended to be Iron Man, Hulk, Flash, Batman, etc.  But I've always had a thing for Captain America.  I'm kind of small for my age and so was Captain America before he got his powers.  My dad says I have leadership skills like him also. If I could separate out one super power it would be speed.  I just love to run!

A special thanks to StarLord for answering all of our questions, and don't forget to check out the StarLord Plays Minecraft videos HERE on batteryPOP!