Meet Super Sonic's Super Creators, Bryce and Chris!

Thursday, March 05 2015 @ 12:46 PM

Meet Super Sonic's Super Creators, Bryce and Chris!

Bryce Prevatte and Chris Rogers are the creators of Super Sonic, the superhero with superhuman hearing, and today, they're the subjects of our creator interview!


batteryPOP: How did you guys start working together, and how did you come up with the idea for Super Sonic?

Chris: Bryce and I met at film school and had began working together off and on since then.  We made short and feature films together, combining each of our talents and strong suits.  Recently, we've used that same chemistry for animation.  
I originally created Super Sonic to be a quick short film poking fun at the superhero world.  But when Bryce and I started talking more about it, the comic grew into more of a homage to the spirit of a hero while to poking fun at some of the traditional superhero cliches. 

Bryce: Yes Chris and I worked together on a lot of live action projects during school at Scottsdale Community College in the mid- to late-nineties.  We moved to Los Angeles and continued to collaborate on projects as well.  I started getting back into animation after I moved to New York, and Chris had a fun short script that he wrote that I thought would work really well as a cartoon project, and so we set out to make “Super Sonic” to be that.


batteryPOP: What's the best part about working with someone else on a show?

Chris: The best part for me is the brainstorming and coming up with new ideas that develop from having another person's perspective.  Also, it helps keep me motivated knowing someone is working with you.

Bryce: Having someone that you like working with as a collaborator is really helpful.  You can bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm more effectively because you have a second opinion ready to go at any moment.


batteryPOP: Did you draw cartoons or write stories when you were young, and did you have a favorite character that you created from back then?

Chris: I originally went to film school to be a writer.  Back in grade school, I would write and create one page short stories for friends and classmates to enjoy.  That turned into longer stories in high school and college.  On of my early favorite characters I wrote was in this short film. The Busted MC, about a kid who decided he wanted to be a rapper.  He didn't have any talent, so he just copied the styles he saw on TV and magazines and stole other peoples lyrics.  I think he plays into the culture still today, with kids copying what they see in TV and movies and believing that its real life.    

 Bryce: I was drawing comic strips from 4th grade on.  Originally I wanted to be a comic strip artist and I had two mouse characters, Ralf and Ozzie, that I made comics of. I continued these comics in high school and got a second place award for best comic strip in some Arizona high school newspaper competition, but after that they kind of went into retirement.  


batteryPOP: Who is your favorite super hero?

Chris: Growing up Superman was my favorite.  Super Sonic spawned a lot from him.

Bryce: My favorite super hero growing up wasn’t a super hero. It was Luke Skywalker.  A lightsaber could take down a super hero any day. Especially if wielded by a Jedi.


batteryPOP: If you could create and draw a character that got to be a guest star on any cartoon, what cartoon would you pick, and who would your character be?

Chris: I think Quahog in Family Guy needs a superhero neighbor that the Griffins don't know is a superhero.  I think that could be fun.

Bryce: I would pick Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the character would be Captain Average.  You only have to be average to be much more super than the characters on that show.


batteryPOP: If you were a super hero, what would your name be, and who would be your sidekick?

Chris: I'd be called Paradox.  I would like to be able to stop time and teleport myself anywhere.  It would save me a lot of money on gas.  And my sidekick would be called Rolodex.  She'd be more like a sidekick slash personal assistant.

Bryce: I would be The Sleeper.  I’d have the ability to bend time and be invisible.  That way I can steal away and take a nap when I’m supposed to be working, then come back and be all refreshed without any time going by.  It’s more of a practical super power.


Thanks so much to Chris and Bryce for answering all our questions. Be sure to check out Super Sonic HERE on batteryPOP!