Meet the Creator behind Minecraft for Kids, Phineas Rage! (January 25, 2016)

Monday, January 25 2016 @ 08:20 PM

Meet the Creator behind Minecraft for Kids, Phineas Rage! (January 25, 2016)

Meet the creator behind MineCraft for Kids, Phineas Rage! They answered all of our burning questions- everything from where the name Phineas Rage from came from, to making an episode, to their favorite games as a kid! Check it out below, and watch brand new Phineas Rage episodes HERE on batteryPOP! 

batteryPOP: How did you come up with the name Phineas Rage?

Phineas Rage: I get asked this a lot. It’s a history joke based on the name of Phineas Gage. He had a huge personality change in his life, so I figured, since I was creating a new persona, I’d name him something similar. I also thought it would be funny if my last name were Rage, but I never get angry. :)

batteryPOP: What got you interested in playing Minecraft?

Phineas Rage: It was way back in Alpha. A friend at work showed me a video of it. In the video, the person was showing off their house, but accidentally set it on fire. I liked that something so unexpected could happen, so I bought the game and played for about 12 hours straight. It’s a game you can pretty much play forever, and I like games I can put a lot of time into.

batteryPOP: What do you like best about creating Minecraft videos?

Phineas Rage: I like talking to the audience, even though there’s no audience when I’m recording. I like to think about the faces people might make at certain points in the video, or parts that might make them laugh. But what I enjoy most is watching other people enjoy them afterwards.

batteryPOP: How do you make an episode of Phineas Rage?

Phineas Rage: It depends a little on the kind of episode I’m making, but there are two main ways. Sometimes I have a plan for what I want to talk about, so I think about it in my head for an hour or so, and then maybe a day or two later, I’ll sit down for a couple hours, record footage, edit it, make a thumbnail image, then upload it and write the description. And sometimes, I just start the game, hit record for 20 minutes, then stop and edit what I have. If there’s a good episode in there, I put it up on YouTube. But I’ve thrown away a bunch of footage I didn’t think was good enough.

batteryPOP: How does being an uncle change the way you teach your nieces and nephews to play and to create videos?

Phineas Rage: Good question! My nieces and nephews span a pretty large age range (1-12) so I get to spend time with them and think about how best to talk to a group of kids with different ages. I also just try to talk to my audience the same way I would one of them, I try to do more than tell them about Minecraft, I try to teach them about being calm under pressure and not getting frustrated when a Creeper(or little brother) breaks your stuff. Minecraft is a good place to learn all sorts of different skills.

batteryPOP: What games did you play as a kid?

Phineas Rage: As many as I could! I liked games where you could make important choices, and games where you could make up a story as you went along. I think that’s why I like Minecraft so much. It lets me do all those things, and then share them with other people. I know that’s a vague answer, so here are a few that stand out in my memory. The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy(a whole bunch of them), probably most of the mario bros games, and a lot of Dungeons and Dragons too.

batteryPOP: Is there anything else in the works that you can tell us about?

Phineas Rage: At the moment, when I have spare time to make a Minecraft video, it’s almost always going to be a Minecraft for Kids video. But someday, I want to get a bunch of friends together, make a series of us building a cool world, and then give it to other people so they can play on it.

batteryPOP: What kind of support have you gotten from the Minecraft community? What are your hopes for the future?

Phineas Rage: The Minecraft community is great and super supportive. All along the way people have helped me by promoting my videos, or inviting me to play on Let’s Play Minecraft servers like Fullstack and Hypermine. One person even went out of his way to teach me all about making thumbnails for videos and how to make a good video title.

batteryPOP: What is your favorite episode of Phineas Rage and why?

Phineas Rage: It has to be my Hall of Gratitude 200 Subs special. It's a lot of fun to figure out which items to use to thank which people. For some people it's easy, for my friend Wooly Creeper, I just named a green sheep Wooly. For other people I might make a statue with leather armor dyed in the colors of their outfit.  It's a lot of fun. :)

batteryPOP: What's the coolest thing you've built in Minecraft?

Phineas Rage: I think it’s my Hall of Gratitude. I made it in my base on my main Minecraft world. It has statues I’ve made and special things in item frames, each to remind me to say thank you to someone in the Minecraft community that’s helped me. I add to it and make a video of it whenever I hit a big milestone in terms of numbers of subscribers. I’m actually planning my next one now. :)

batteryPOP: What's the best comment you ever received on a video?

Phineas Rage: There are a few of them that are similar and always make me feel special. Every time, it’s a parent of one or more children who writes that their kids watch my videos over and over and that they’re getting really good at Minecraft. It makes me smile. I like to know that I’m helping. :)

batteryPOP: Can you name some other Minecrafters making awesome videos?

Phineas Rage: Absolutely! The Pigglesworth is a friend of mine and I’m always impressed by the videos he puts out. He puts a lot of time and planning into each one, and it really shows.

batteryPOP: Do you really look like your Minecraft character?

Phineas Rage: Nope. :)

batteryPOP: What advice would you give a kid trying Minecraft for the first time?

Phineas Rage: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Almost anything that goes wrong in Minecraft can be fixed. And remember, the stuff you build a month from now, is going to be better than the stuff you make when you’re just starting. So don’t worry about it too much, try to have fun, and try to laugh when something goes wrong. You can fix it. :) Also, make a stone pick, stone sword, crafting table, one chest, one furnace and a bed as fast as you can. And remember to eat!

A special thanks to the creator of Phineas Rage for answering all of our questions, and don't forget to check out Phineas Rage, Minecraft for Kids videos HERE on batteryPOP!