Meet the Voices Behind Recess Monkey!

Tuesday, June 09 2015 @ 08:25 PM

Meet the Voices Behind Recess Monkey!

Meet Drew Holloway, Jack Forman, and Korum Bischoff- the trio of teachers that make up Recess Monkey, a Kindie band that makes rockin’ music for kids! They answered all of our burning questions, from how they learned to play instruments to what their superhero names would be. Check it out below, and keep an eye out all this week for Recess Monkey music videos here on batteryPOP!

batteryPOP: A lot of people may not know that you're also teachers! What's the best part about being in a band AND being a teacher?

JACK: We're just completely surrounded by kid ideas in our classrooms. No joke, if we could somehow capture the conversations we hear in a single day, we'd have enough ideas for an entire career's worth of albums ("Hot Air" is our 12th and we're nowhere near the end!).

DREW: Great hours! We typically play on weekends and during the summer so it works wonders for scheduling. There's other perks like access to a laminator for dry erase set lists and daily focus groups for work shopping new material.

KORUM: I love being inspired by my drum students and their successes. And they keep me current with music trends... for better and for worse!

batteryPOP: What was your favorite subject in school growing up?

KORUM: Music for sure. I went to zero period for Jazz Band and had marching practice after school. The 6 regular periods in the middle were filler.

JACK: To me, any class that would let me make a video as the project. My friends and I made dozens of videos in lieu of formal papers or presentations over the years and they were so fun to make.

DREW: Science! I just found my 9th grade biology leaf project in the basement. Good times!

batteryPOP: Tell us what makes Recess Monkey's music so special.

JACK: We work so hard to make our songs sound like the music we most like to listen to- tons of our influences are in there.

DREW: It's organic, locally sourced and there's some heirloom in there too.

KORUM: The passion that goes into making it and into making something the whole family can enjoy together.


batteryPOP: Who were your favorite bands growing up?

JACK: The Beatles, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, A Tribe Called Quest, Ween

DREW: Beatles, Beach Boys and XTC.

KORUM: The Beatles, XTC, Beastie Boys, Blues Brothers, Primus, The Police

batteryPOP: How and when did you learn how to play instruments? Which ones?

JACK: I started playing cello when I was 4 and bounced around between instruments until landing in the Northwest Boychoir for most of my pre-college days. I didn't buy my first bass until I graduated college.

DREW: I took guitar lessons as a teen but became more interested in my teachers recording studio than on scales or theory.

KORUM: I grew up with an analog recording studio in the house so I was surrounded my whole life but studied piano in 3rd and 4th grade and then started drumming in 5th grade.

batteryPOP: Do you have any advice for kids who want to be in a band when they're older?

KORUM: The more you play, the better you get.

JACK: Make sure that everyone in the band is better than you!

DREW: Get used to lifting lots of heavy things!

batteryPOP: What is the craziest or funniest thing that has happened while working together on a song or video?

JACK: National Mall security guards kicked us out of the Lincoln Memorial when we shot the "Sack Lunch" video. That's actually not true- they kicked us off the stairs before we even made it inside.

DREW: Almost breaking my leg at the end of the Wired shoot. Crashing a Segway is about as cool as you look when you are riding one.

KORUM: I was so sick the first day of recording "Hot Air" that I don't remember any of it. Luckily there's audio proof!


batteryPOP: What's your favorite song that you've performed?

JACK: We've played a couple of shows with the Seattle Symphony, and I thought our song "My Treasure" was pretty jaw-dropping with their accompaniment.

DREW: Just about anything we've done at Seattle's Teatro Zinzanni. We get to play a lot of tunes there we don't typically play because we work with human pyrotechnics like acrobats and jugglers.

KORUM: They're all super fun to play. Looking forward to working the new material into our set.


batteryPOP: If you were a superhero, what would your superhero name be? What would your super power be?

JACK: List Man! Able to cross "to-do" items off of a list in a single pen-stroke.

DREW: I already have the moniker of Super Cheese due to my great ability to tell bad jokes and puns.

KORUM: Time-master. I could stretch time so I wasn't always working at the last minute!

Thanks to Drew, Jack, and Korum for answering all of our questions, and check out all of Recess Monkey's music videos HERE on batteryPOP!