Springtime Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, May 18 2014 @ 08:54 AM

Springtime Scavenger Hunt

The sun is shining, the tulips are blooming, and allergies are running rampant, which can only mean spring is in full swing. Slather on some sunscreen, pocket some paper and crayons, and head out into your yard or the park to find what nature has to offer.



- One thing growing for every color of the rainbow (like a red berry or a yellow dandelion)

- An interesting leaf on the ground. Make a rubbing of it by covering it with paper and coloring over it with the long side of an unwrapped crayon.

- A stick that is shaped like an animal. (If you can't find a stick that looks like it has legs or antlers, remember: a snake definitely counts as an animal.) 

- A seed. (A seed can be found on a dandelion in its fluffy phase or the inside of a fruit—just to name a few places to start your search.)

- 4 types of birds. Draw a picture of them and write down anything interesting you noticed, whether it is a funny birdcall or distinctive feathers.

- Natural Dyes. On your paper, make a dirt stain! Make a grass stain! Make any other natural stain—a berry or flower petal would work well.

- A bug. Try holding it in your hand. If that is too much, you can just wave at it from afar.


Take photos or draw pictures to document your findings. You can even make it a competition against friends. Just remember—the outdoors are full of exciting animal and plant life, and you just have to look closer to see what extraordinary things are happening right outside your door!