Sunday, February 02 2014 @ 01:14 AM


Are you ready for some football?  No Super Bowl party is complete without a wide assortment of tasty snacks. But eating snacks is SO last year. This year, we’re encouraging you to PLAY with your food! Hut…hut…CRUNCH!


Guacamole Gridiron.  What’s so special about guacamole and tortilla chips?  It’s how you use them!  Spread a rectangular layer of guacamole down on a platter.  Next, crush up the chips and spread them down in horizontal lines a few inches apart.  You’ll want twenty lines down your guacamole.  Now admire your football field.


Twizzlers Touchdowns.  It’s tempting to get the strawberry bag of Twizzlers but trust us, get the rainbow pack.  Take the green ones and some of the blue ones and lay them down horizontally on one end of the guacamole field.  Next, take the orange ones and the rest of the blue ones and lay them down horizontally on the other end of the guacamole.  Now you’ve created the two end zones.  Last, take the yellow Twizzlers and create two goalposts.  Don’t worry if they don’t stand up.


Gummy Bear Battlers.  What better way to get into the football spirit than by creating miniature players, officials, and fans?  Take all your green Gummy Bears and dip their heads into milk chocolate – these are the Seahawks.  Next, take all of your orange Gummy Bears and do the same thing.  You just made the Broncos.  Lastly, take your clear Gummy Bears and dip their heads into white chocolate.  Hello officials.  All the other colors = the fans.


Vanilla Wafer Pigskin.  No one can play the game of football without these very important pieces.  Take the wafers and design the tops to look like football laces with white frosting!  Ready.  Set.  Hike!


What do we have here?  Looks like you’ve just created Super Bowl 48 out of food. Enjoy!