The Week on batteryPOP-July 28, 2014

Monday, July 28 2014 @ 11:30 AM

The Week on batteryPOP-July 28, 2014



We'll be at the New York Hall of Science this Wednesday (July 30th). If you're in the city, come on by and say hello! We'll have tasty treats and great videos to share! 




We've learned about gravity from Janet, but now she's back and ready to teach us about healthy eating! Pass the broccoli, blueberries, and bananas, please, and get ready to eat the rainbow HERE with Janet!



Popping This Week: TOTALLY AMP'D


When a music label announces a contest for a band to open for a big time pop star, Zoe recruits a group of talented teen performers to form the band Totally Amp’d. Can they overcome their differences for a shot at winning the musical competition of their lives? Find out HERE



Short of the Week: ICE CREAM


Brussel sprouts and oranges are good and good for you, but sometimes, there's only one food that does the trick... and that's ice cream. Join They Might Be Giants bassist Danny Weinkauf in singing about the greatest food of all time. Grab your scoop, a few pints of your favorite flavors, and get ready to rock HERE!



User of the Week: FUNKYNINJA


FunkyNinja loves to dance to great music. This 6-year-old dances along with the batteryPOP dance in, singing great tunes with Dan Zanes, and jives with the music of "Time to Go." Find out what he'll be rocking out to next by following him HERE!



Kids' News:

Justin Bieber may have fallen out of grace with a lot of people, but there's still one group that supports him... Pediatricians! Pediatricians say that having a Bieber hair cut (his old signature bowl cut that originally brought him so much fame) can help shield kids from the sun and ultimately help prevent causes of skin cancer. This scientific thought is called, naturally, The New Big Bang Theory.  Oh, BABY!





This Week's Trivia: 

What is the name of Inspector Gadget's dog?


Last Week's Trivia:

Question: What did Mr. Rogers do before he became everyone's favorite TV neighbor?

Answer: Mr. Rogers went to seminary and was ordained a Presbyterian minister! 


See you Wednesday at the New York Hall of Science!