This Week on batteryPOP-April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14 2014 @ 12:20 PM

This Week on batteryPOP-April 14, 2014



Nia, a 10-year-old living in a sleepy town in New Zealand, has a pretty ordinary life. In fact, it’s EXTRA ordinary.  Thankfully, Nia’s imagination helps her find adventure in even the most unlikely places.  The show is launching THIS WEDNESDAY, so be sure to stay tuned to catch its premier!


Popping This Week: eSCAPE: THE FINALE!


This week, we have finally reached the eScape finale! It all started when camp counselors disappeared, leaving the campers to survive on their own. But as they dug deeper into the mysterious disappearance, they learned a shocking truth about the game AND the future… but how will it all end?

Find out THIS FRIDAY on the eSCAPE finale, and, in case you missed any episodes or want to have a marathon watching session, check out the show HERE!


Short of the Week: HELIUM HARVEY

Helium Harvey is a curious boy exploring his backyard. After breathing in helium to change his voice, he turns into a balloon and goes on an airborne adventure around the world.

Check it out HERE!


User of the week: ORANGEBOY


If you love cartoons, you should follow Orangeboy. He’s popped Toons These Days, Ants, Pencilmation, AND Guabaman, and you should follow this 12-year-old to find out the best-of cartoons that batteryPOP has to offer!

Check out OrangeBoy's favorite shows HERE! 



This week’s news comes all the way from outer space. Today, Mars is the closest it has been to Earth in 6 years (only 57.4 million miles away!). And, if that isn’t exciting enough, later tonight (from 2-5:30 AM, EST) is the first lunar eclipse of 2014. Grab your telescopes and get to star-gazing!



This is a two-parter: Who was the first cartoon to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and who was the most recent cartoon?




Question: What was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ resident news report April O’Neill’s original profession?


Answer: She was a computer programmer. Her career change may or may not have been motivated by her desire to work somewhere where a yellow jumpsuit was considered appropriate work attire.