This Week on batteryPOP-June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23 2014 @ 11:53 AM

This Week on batteryPOP-June 23, 2014

New This Week: OLIVE US

Whether they're washing the car, planting a garden, or searching for the perfect Christmas tree, the six kids from the Blair family are always working hard, helping each other, and staying positive. Their show, Olive Us, premieres on batteryPOP this week, so stay tuned!


Popping This Week: JANET'S PLANET

How much would you weigh in a falling elevator? How do astronauts move without gravity? If you drop a pencil and a bowling ball from the same height at the same time, which will hit the ground first? Janet's Planet has the answers to all these, and more! Join Janet HERE as she explores health, science, and history on this planet and many others!  


Short of the Week: PDING PDOONG
These conjoined twins spend the day dissecting frogs, playing soccer, and (sometimes) getting in trouble, and they are out to prove that two heads really can be better than one. 

Check out this awesome claymation short HERE


User of the Week: AMAZINGEXPLORER2

AmazingExplorer2 is an 8-year-old who loves variety. Whether she's learning how to make Rainbow Looms, laughing along to the batteryPOP dance in, or discovering anti-bully strategies in How To UnMake a Bully, she's a user who you should definitely follow. Find out what videos she'll love next by following her HERE


This Week in Kids' News

Many schools across the country have decided to start composting. This will turn uneaten food into nutrient-rich soil that will help farmer grow new fruits and vegetables. Next school year, your school lunch plates might even be compostable. Less trash means a happier planet! If you can't wait for next school year to start, try composting at home. Local farmer's markets often have collection bins and tips for how to get started. 

To learn more about composting (and recycling), check out Miss Persona and the Marvelous Melodies


This Week's Trivia:  Who are the only two robots to have guest starred on Sesame Street? 

Last Week's Trivia
Question: Which voice actors of a cartoon couple were married?
Answer: Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, were married in real life!