This Week on batteryPOP-May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19 2014 @ 12:49 PM

This Week on batteryPOP-May 19, 2014

New Series: SPELLZ


Spellz is a brand-new MAGIC series featuring famed magician Jay Sankey and Bridget, the amazing kid assistant. Spellz' amazing transporting cups, spectacular card tricks, and dazzling slights of hand are magical! 


Coming this Wednesday! 




Popping This Week: IMAGIGANTES


From a GIGANTIC imagination comes a world of beauty and magic. Venture across the ocean! Change the stars in the sky! Paint the leaves for autumn! All this and more in the Spanish stop-motion series!



Check out Imagigantes HERE! 


Short of the Week: ROMEO AND JULIET

The real tragedy of the original Romeo and Juliet is that it wasn’t told in hip-hop verse. Thankfully, these puppets retell the tale of star-crossed lovers to a brand new beat.


Click HERE to watch Romeo and Juliet! 


User of the Week: BEAUTIFULANGEL3


BeautifulAngel3 is a 10-year-old who is following 13 batteryPOP shows, including originals like Chew On That and What's Popping. She's also a fan of eSCAPE, the video game adventure series. Whether you like comedy, action, or stuffing your mouth full of marshmallows and talking about Carly Rae Jepson, you're sure to like BeautifulAngel3's recommendations.

Check out her channel HERE!




This week marks the anniversary of Amelia Earhart's first solo flights across the Atlantic Ocean (the first one flown by a female pilot). In 1932, she took off in Newfoundland and landed in Ireland the next day.



What was the first winner of the Best Animated Film category in the Academy Awards? 




Question: We’ve sent a lot of things into outer space (including LEGOS and a light saber). But do you know who the first mammal in space was?

Answer: A rhesus monkey named Albert II became the first mammal in space on June 14, 1949. Now that’s out of this world!