This Week on batteryPOP-October 13, 2014

Monday, October 13 2014 @ 11:47 AM

This Week on batteryPOP-October 13, 2014


Do you get a KICK out of soccer? Do you miss the excitement of the World Cup? Are you just nuts for sports? Then check out all-new, awesomely action-packed Major League Soccer videos on batteryPOP! With three exciting new shows, you can learn about the anatomy of a game-winning goal, hear star players' Top 5 soccer lists, and learn mind-blowing trivia! Grab your shin-guards and tune in HERE! Goooooooaaaallll!!!!!


Popping This Week: RECESS STORIES

Let's face it, recess is the most important part of the day, and these kids know just how to spend it. Join the kangaroo club, tell ghost stories, and dare the boy who will eat anything HERE with the kids from recess stories!  


Short of the Week: A BRUSH WITH A BEE

In this beautifully animated short, a painter battles a bee to protect his final masterpiece. But when bees bug you too much, things never go according to plan. Check it out HERE


User of the Week: BRIGHTLADYBUG

BrightLadybug LOVES to learn! She loves discovering WHAT'S INSIDE kaleidoscopes, cooking with Sarah Grace, learning about the world around her with Daniel Cook, and the ins and outs of science experiments with Doctor Mad Science. Learn along with her by following her HERE!



This week, an extremely rare and incredible circular rainbow appeared in Western Australia. It was spotted by a photographer who was in a plane taking aerial shots during a sun shower. The phenomenon is observer-dependent and caused by reflections inside raindrops. 


This Week's Trivia: Which beloved children's author wrote the Johnny Cash song, "Boy Named Sue"?

Last Week's Trivia: What is JK Rowling's middle name?

Answer: Surprisingly, JK Rowling doesn't have a middle name! Publishers thought she should use her initials for Harry Potter, so she used the "K" for "Kathleen," which is her grandmother's name.