This Week on batteryPOP-September 29. 2014

Monday, September 29 2014 @ 11:59 AM

This Week on batteryPOP-September 29. 2014


This week, we have all new episodes of the totally whacky, totally hilarious, totally random sketch comedy show for kids by kids! Call in to the dinosaur telethon, solve the case of the missing internet, and fight for the title of "Snowball Stallion" with the kids from Totally Random HERE on batteryPOP! 



Nia lives in a sleep seaside town in New Zealand where her life is so ordinary, it's EXTRA ordinary. But with the help of her friends and her wild imagination, Nia turns the extra ordinary into extraordinary! Check it out HERE.


Short of the Week: DINO(squared)

The dinosaurs are back! The dinosaurs are back!Sure, they went extinct millions of years ago, but in this stop motion short from Javier Vasquez, we learn exactly how to get that Dino population growing again. Check it out HERE



PlasticHousefly loves puppets, whether it's the tangoing mango in Puppet Heap's Old Mother Hubbard, the hip hop bard in Romeo and Juliet, or the googly eyed cupcakes in Miss Persona and the Marvelous Melodies. Follow her here to see what puppets she'll pop next! 


Kids' News of the Week: CRICKET IN THE CLOUDS!

This week, a game of cricket was played on a crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro, over 3 miles about sea level, making it officially the highest game of cricket ever played. The teams had to hike for 8 days before getting to the crater, but getting to play among the clouds was worth it! 


This Week's Trivia: Now, when we think of the word "Earthling," we usually think of it as a science fiction term. But what did it originally refer to? 

Last Week's Trivia: Which character from Scooby-Doo became a strict vegetarian when the voice-over artist became a strict vegetarian?

Answer: Shaggy! When voice actor Casey Kasem became a vegetarian, Shaggy stopped eating meat (but continued to chow down on pretty much everything else).