Top 5 Animal Combinations We Wish Were Real

Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 11:40 AM

Top 5 Animal Combinations We Wish Were Real

The animal world is so incredible on its own that it’s hard to imagine it getting much better. But what if you could take some of your favorite animals and combine their powers? The results could be amazing. Here are five animal combinations we wish were real.

  1. 5Lotter (Lion/Otter)

    Otters are obviously some of the cutest animals out there, and lions…well, they’ve pretty much got the best hair in the whole animal kingdom. Imagine the cuteness factor of an otter with a fluffy, luxurious mane! It might not be practical, but it sure would be cuddly.

  2. 4 Hamstercorn (Hamster/Unicorn)

    The hamstercorn is the perfect pet for someone who has always wanted a unicorn but had to settle for a hamster. It’s small enough to keep in the house, but still has an awesome glittery horn. Just be careful when you’re playing with it – that magical horn can be sharp!

  3. 3 Flying Polar Squear (Flying squirrel/Polar bear)

    Picture a puffy white polar bear the size of a squirrel that can spread its limbs and coast through the air. We’d love to watch it gliding majestically from glacier to glacier, surveying the icy landscape below.

  4. 2 Zangaroo (Zebra/Kangaroo)

    On its own, a kangaroo already has a sort of horse-like face. So why not give it some snazzy zebra stripes? We think a zebra-striped kangaroo would be the star of the Australian outback. And don’t even get us started on the adorable zangaroo babies riding along in its pouch!

  5. 1 Turaffe (Turtle/Giraffe)

    Talk about a surprise – how would you react if you spotted a turtle shell, only to see a giraffe’s long neck and spindly legs emerge? It would sort of look like a giraffe dressed up as a ninja turtle. This animal could easily reach the top branches for a snack or sneak a little quiet time in its shell.