Wednesday, February 26 2014 @ 03:05 PM


There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of your favorite batteryPOP video when, all of a sudden Mom or Dad, asks for their iPad back!  Well, that problem can be a thing of the past with one of these cool, friendly tablets designed specifically for you.


  1. 5Kurio 10S.  Whoever said bigger is better must have been talking about this tablet.  With an enormous 10” screen you’ll never have to worry about squinting to watch a video or read some text.  If you need more to convince your parents, how about this: you can setup 8 different profiles on one tablet! You can share your tablet with your little brother or sister…and they can owe you one later.

  2. 4 Polaroid Kids Tablet.  We know what you’re thinking: isn’t Polaroid some old camera company?  It sure is! And because they are one of the biggest names in photography, you can bet that the 2-megapixel camera installed in their tablet will be top notch.  Not only that, but you can finally get away with using the line, “Look Ma, no hands!” with the hands free tablet stand that comes included.

  3. 3 Lexibook Tablet Advance.  For the more professional kid out there, look no further than this tablet.  Want to make some fancy power points or write the next great American novel in between episodes of batteryPOP’s eScape the Series? Well go ahead with the pre-installed SoftMaker office software.  Don’t worry, it's not all business though: this tablet gives you a direct link to Lexibook’s own personal video store with preloaded cartoons and games.

  4. 2 Nabi 2.  Is living with your younger siblings like living with a rhino in a china store?  If so, this tablet is for you.  The Nabi 2’s special red bumper design is strong enough to withstand a tank blast. Well, not really, but it can withstand your siblings bumping and knocking it all over the place.  If that isn’t cool enough, you know Android, that awesome operating system you have on your super sweet cell phone?  Meet the tablet that runs on that same super sweet operating system.

  5. 1 LeapPad Ultra.  We know, we know.  Leap Frog is for little kids.  That is very true, and if you ask your little brother how he enjoys his Leap Frog product, we bet he’ll rave about how cool it is.  If you want that same great experience, but with a sophisticated twist, then pick up the LeapPad Ultra.  Plus, you know when you get a Leap Frog product you’re going to get some seriously entertaining games and kid apps with it.  Leapfrog does a great job of mixing education and entertainment, so when your Mom asks, “Why are you playing games all day?” you can shoot back, “Because I’m LEARNING!” Double whammy!