Top 5 Classic Cartoon Characters That Are Still Awesome

Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:32 PM

Top 5 Classic Cartoon Characters That Are Still Awesome

Today's guest blogger is Zachary Strobel, the creator of Jimmy the Giraffe.  We asked Zachary to tell us his top five favorite classic cartoon characters, and he's delivered, with explanations of why they were, and still are, so awesome! Check out his top 5 list below and check out Jimmy the Giraffe by clicking HERE


  1. 5 Bugs Bunny. I love Bugs Bunny because I wish I could be as cool as he is. Always knows how to get sweet revenge on those who bully him while making funny jokes to the audience.

  2. 4 Porky Pig. Porky Pig is awesome because I see a lot of his character in myself: he’s shy but can lose his patience if pushed too far. Sometimes Porky can be the villain (like a hunter) in some of his cartoons even though he still has a good heart and child-like innocent. Plus, the adventures he ends up in are insane which he ends up using his wits to get out of.

  3. 3 Garfield. Garfield is hilarious because he always has a joke prepared for any situation. Much like Bugs Bunny, Garfield constantly makes jokes to the audience when everyone else doesn’t realize they’re in a cartoon. I love how he will go to great lengths just so he can continue to sleep and eat lasagna.

  4. 2 Droopy Dog. I find Droopy funny mainly for what he DOESN’T do rather than what he actually does. An example of this is when a villain would leave Droopy tied-up, hop on a plane to the other side of the Earth, and find an untied Droopy waiting for him with a witty remark. The comedy gold is figuring out how this puny, depressed, slow-moving dog was able to untie him self and beat the villain there.

  5. 1 Donald Duck. Donald Duck is the greatest cartoon character in my opinion because he is the person (or duck) I am but also never want to be. He is selfish, greedy and impatient but honestly doesn’t want anyone to get severally hurt and has a good heart. For all the bad things that happen to him and villains he encounters, he still has friends and a girlfriend who love him. Plus, it’s really funny to watch him lose his temper.