Top 5 Fabulous Father's Day Activities!

Sunday, June 15 2014 @ 10:07 AM

Top 5 Fabulous Father's Day Activities!

Are you nervous that your plan to give your dad breakfast-in-bed consisting of Hostess SnoBalls and a pastrami sandwich (his favorite) isn’t going to REALLY show your dad how much you care? Don’t worry, we have five funny Father’s Day activities that your dad is sure to love.


5. Make a pizza portrait. Combine your love for your dad with your love for pizza by making a vegetable portrait of your dad on a homemade pizza. (Or, if you’re feeling daring, you could also use fruit… or candy.) Do your dad’s eyes shine bright like two olives? Is his hair as flowing as a bushel of spinach? Now is your chance to show him, and afterwards, the whole family can enjoy your homemade snack.


4. Go on a scouting adventure. Is your dad still talking about the funny jokes he used to tell when he was in the cub scouts? Have him take you on a scouting adventure and say he can make up any badge he wants you to earn. Does he want you to earn the “Do the Running Man in the Middle of the Grocery Store” badge? Or the “Crack an Egg on Your Head” badge? Done. At the end of the adventure, go home and make the badges you earned so you can wear them with pride.


3. Learn his favorite song and make up a dance to it. Who is Kenny Loggins, anyway? Well, today, if your dad loves him, make him your favorite musician too. Learn all the lyrics to one of your dad’s favorite songs, choreograph a dance, and perform it for him when he least expects it (not including when he’s shaving his beard, that might be too dangerous).


2. Put on a puppet show of his life. Using only the stories your dad has told to you, put on a puppet performance of what you think is his life story. This can include any wild and possibly untrue stories he’s told you, including the one about his stint working on a farm or that time he was a lifeguard at circus camp.


1. Switch places for the day. Let your dad kick back and draw with sidewalk chalk while you take care of the boring grown-up business for him. Your dad can practice making funny faces in the mirror, do cartwheels in the backyard, or dance to David Bowie while you mow the lawn, pay the bills, and cut the crusts off his sandwich. It also wouldn’t hurt to dress up in each other’s clothes, just to avoid confusion.