Tuesday, February 25 2014 @ 11:31 AM


The kitchen. Home of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, and that’s all…right? No way! There are so many other ways to turn your kitchen into the coolest, most interactive room in your house! So when snack time is over and the dishes are done, you don’t have to leave. Here are 5 awesome kitchen activities anyone can do!

  1. 5Make a volcano! Place an empty plastic bottle on a tray (this way, your reaction will be contained). Pour baking soda into the bottle. Follow that with red, yellow or orange food coloring and glitter. Then, mix in vinegar.  When the vinegar touches the baking soda, the result should be explosive! (Warning-this is MESSY!)

  2. 4 Give your refrigerator a new look. Create a face and a fancy outfit for it out of construction paper. Put sleeves on the handles. Give your new fridge a name (like Fridgerick) and ask it permission every time you open the door to get a snack.

  3. 3 What floats your boat? Fill up your sink with water and make a boat that floats using only things you find around the kitchen. (You can use tin foil, old corks, Popsicle sticks, or experiment with other materials you find!)

  4. 2 Fill an ice tray with different colors of watercolor paint. Put Popsicle sticks in, pop the tray in the freezer, and make sure to leave a note reminding everyone that these are NOT for eating! Once your paint popsicles are frozen, get out a piece of paper and make designs with your paint pops. As the pop melts, it will leave behind an awesome trail of paint.

  5. 1 Have a bubble extravaganza! Mix 6 parts water, 2 parts dish soap, and ¾ part corn syrup in a pan to make bubble solution, Use different objects you find around the kitchen as bubble wands. Experiment with a sieve, a straw, or even a cookie cutter!