Top 5 Funny Presidential Pets

Friday, April 11 2014 @ 11:05 AM

Top 5 Funny Presidential Pets

The President of the United States has to make enormous decisions every day. On policies. On laws. On international treaties. And of course, on what pet to keep in the White House! We all know the Obama's dog, Bo, but did you know that over the course of American history, the White House has housed dogs, cats, sheep, possums, bears, and even lions? Today, we celebrate 5 of the most outrageous presidential pets! 


  1. 5The JQ Alligator. John Quincy Adams received a pet alligator as a president. It lived in the East Wing bathtub, and Adams enjoyed scaring guests with it. 

  2. 4Jack the Turkey. Abraham Lincoln had initially intended on serving the turkey for Christmas dinner, but his son Tad would not have it. Jack soon became a family pet and even has his own statue still standing in Hartford, Connecticut. 

  3. 3Pauline the Cow. Officially the last cow to graze in front of the White House, Pauline provided milk for President Taft (the president who, urban legend says, was so large he got stuck in a bathtub). Pauline allegedly produced over 7 gallons of milk a day!

  4. 2Billy the Pygmy Hippo. Calvin Coolidge received Billy as a gift from the founder of Firestone Tire Company. Billy was only the 8th pygmy hippo ever brought to the US. Coolidge donated him to the National Zoo where Billy fathered many hippo calves. Billy is the ancestor of almost every pygmy hippo in captivity in the US today!

  5. 1Algonquin the Pony. Teddy Roosevelt was a notorious lover of animals. He had a macaw, a zebra, a hyena, and a one-legged rooster (just to name a few). Algonquin was special because he was the first (and only) horse to ride the White House elevator, a plan Teddy’s son executed so his sick brother could visit with his favorite pet.