Top 5 Homemade Harry Potter Halloween Costumes (No Polyjuice Potion Required)

Friday, October 10 2014 @ 10:13 AM

Top 5 Homemade Harry Potter Halloween Costumes (No Polyjuice Potion Required)

Halloween is a great time to dress up as scary creatures, and there's no better anthology of creatures to go to than the Harry Potter books! These costumes are sure to earn you lots of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!



5. Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog. Make two dog heads (yours will be the third) out of construction paper or, if you're feeling extra-crafty, out of felt and fabric. Then, make yourself an extra pair of dog ears and glue them to a headband. When Halloween comes, paint your face, don a furry jacket, and pin your extra heads onto your shoulders. Don't forget to make a tail, so you can wag it in thanks when you get treats! 


4. Centaur. A centaur is half person, half horse, and the great thing about this costume is that you can wear whatever you want on the top half of your body! To make a horse bottom-half, find a cardboard box and cut out the top and bottom. Then, get a pair of tights and stuff them full with stuffing. Staple them to the back of the box (these will be your horse back legs-- your own legs will be the front legs). Make a tail out of yarn and attach it to the back of the box. Then, all you have to do is practice inserting "Nay" into your speech.


3. Fawkes the Phoenix. A phoenix is a bird that, every once in a while, will burst into flame, so be prepared to shine bright! Using an old hoodie, attach fabric to the arms for wings, and glue a felt beak to the edge of the hood. Then, go crazy with glue and red, orange, and yellow feathers. Add the final touch with a fire-like tutu out of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper. Then, you'll be all fired up for a night of candy!


2. Aragog the Spider. Dress in all black, and stuff two pairs of black tights until they retain their shape. Then, pin the pairs to the sides of your shirt, so you have 8 legs total (including your own arms and legs). Use face paint to give yourself 6 extra eyeballs. For the extra scare-factor, pop in a pair of fangs. 


1. Dementor. Perhaps the scariest of the creatures and the easiest of the costumes. All you need is a floor-length bathrobe with a hood. Put the hood over your head, and exhale often so fellow trick-or-treaters can see your spooky breath.