Top 5 Superhero Hair-do's

Tuesday, December 03 2013 @ 03:21 PM

Top 5 Superhero Hair-do's

They’re known for their outfits, their capes, their masks, and of course, their powers. But these Superheroes are ALSO known for their awesome do’s! Guess they’re all hanging out in some super salon!

  1. 5 Storm (X-Men) – A white Mohawk! For a hero who can create lightning, tornados and flash floods, we bet she never uses the weather as an excuse for a bad hair day!

  2. 4 Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic 4) – It’s not his hair that’s so special. It’s those AWESOME graying temples and sideburns. Some people use hair dye to color their hair. Reed Richards uses cosmic radiation.

  3. 3 Punisher – Most guys go through a lot of trouble to hide a receding hairline. Punisher ROCKS his.

  4. 2 Superman – No matter who he faces; no matter who he saves; no matter what danger he saves the world from…nothing messes up that perfect curl in front. Not even kryptonite.

    1 Wonder Woman – Jet black. Exquisitely permed. Never loses its volume or shape. Wonder Woman is a hair stylist’s dream. Why do you think she flies an invisible jet? So we can ALWAYS see her hair!