Monday, February 17 2014 @ 10:30 AM


43 different men have served as President of the United States. That means this President’s Day, we have 43 reasons to celebrate! We were going to make a list of 43 activities to commemorate the occasion, but that would take up the entire day, so here is our Top 5. Grab your American flag, slap on some campaign buttons, and get ready for the most memorable Presidents’ Day you’ve ever had!    

  1. 5Hand out “Vote For” buttons for obscure presidents, like Franklin Pierce or Grover Cleveland. Write a campaign song for that president, perform it with your friends, and post it online.

  2. 4Refer to bills and coins by the presidents that are on them. When your friend asks you how much your apple cost you, instead of saying “19 cents,” you can say “One FDR, a Jefferson, and four Lincolns!”

  3. 3Stage photos of famous moments in Presidential lore. These can include William Taft getting stuck in a bathtub, George Washington chopping down a cherry tree, and Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. It can also include lesser-known moments like William Henry Harrison stubbing his toe and Gerald Ford eating spinach.

  4. 2Hold an election for president of your block. Campaign throughout the neighborhood, hold a presidential debate, build a cardboard voting booth and hand out pre-made ballots. Once the votes are tallied, throw a wild victory party (or make a concession speech if you lose!)

  5. 1Dress up as Abraham Lincoln and deliver the Gettysburg Address everywhere you go, which can include gym class, the gas station, or a garage sale. (Bonus points if you have it memorized!) You’ll be spreading a reminder of the great things Presidents can do, all while getting to wear a fake beard and a really tall hat.