Top 5 Ways to Ring in Spring!

Tuesday, April 08 2014 @ 10:41 AM

Top 5 Ways to Ring in Spring!

The sun is out longer, the leaves are returning to the trees, and we haven’t had to wear mittens in over three days. This can only mean one thing… Spring is here! So pack away that snowsuit because we’ve got 5 springy ways to ring in the new season (and not a minute too soon)!


  1. 5Spread the news. Now that the snow season is (hopefully) over, the sidewalks are officially clear. Grab some sidewalk chalk and spread the cheer throughout the neighborhood. Draw flowers, sunshine, or even just the simple message: Spring has sprung!

  2. 4Have a going away party for winter. Everyone knows the polite way to say a fond farewell is to have a going away party. Invite over some friends, put on some party hats, and sign a big card wishing winter luck in all its future endeavors. No send-off is complete without an ice-cream cake that says “Goodbye Winter!”

  3. 3Construct a birdhouse. After a long winter, birds are starting to chirp again. What better way to welcome them back than with brand new birdhouse? Here’s a simple way to make your own: Rinse out an empty milk carton. Have a grown-up cut a hole in the side as a door for the birds. Then, decorate and design. Make it look like a castle, a chic apartment building, or even a donut store. Hang your house on a tree nearby, fill it with birdseed, and watch the bird tenants arrive!

  4. 2Blow bubbles! Water down some dish soap in a pie tin and get ready to start blowing some bubbles that (for the first time in a while) aren't at risk of freezing! For a bubble wand, you can use cookie cutters, wire hangers, or even the end of a Slinky.

  5. 1Make Chia people. Decorate some little clay pots to look like they have faces. You can draw with permanent markers or glue on googly eyes. Then, fill the pots with dirt, plant some grass seed, and place the pots by the window so they get sunlight. After a week of watering, grass should start to grow, so it will look like your chia pot person has green hair!