Friday, October 31 2014 @ 03:46 PM


After trick-or-treating, it is pretty tempting to dump out your plastic pumpkin bucket, joyfully throw all of your mini Snickers into the air, and immediately start the candy binge you’ve been waiting for all year. But before you do that, here are 5 OTHER ways you can use your Halloween candy (don’t worry, you’ll still get to eat it).


5. Make your own piñata. You can build a piñata out of cardboard boxes, tape, and colorful fringed tissue paper. You can make it look like Frankenstein, a robot, or, if you’re ready to move on from Halloween, a Thanksgiving turkey. Fill it with candy, string it over a tree branch, and invite your friends over to take a swing at it!


4. Decorate a gingerbread house with it. As soon as Halloween is over, is it officially gingerbread house season, right? Well, even if it isn’t, it’s always in season to make architectural and delicious masterpieces out of sweets. Build a castle decorated with candy corn and tootsie rolls for your chocolate pumpkin princess, and then, after you spend just enough time admiring your work, devour it!


3. Play real-life Candy Crush. Dump your candy onto the ground, and try to make groups of three-in-a-row just by switching two candies. The plus side to real-life Candy Crush is that you clear the board by eating the candy.


2. Make the ultimate super-chocolate bar. Sure, bite sized chocolate is easy to eat, but a humongous monster-sized chocolate bar is way more awesome! Melt your mini Hershey’s bars in the microwave, pour them onto an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet, and let it cool. You can even use a chopstick to spell your name in it before it dries! The results should be ghoulishly good!


1. Write a letter with candy. Write a friend or family member a nice note, and use candy to replace some of the words. If you want to tell someone you appreciate her intelligence, say, “You are a real SMARTIE (using a pack of Smarties instead of writing the actual word).” Whether you’re telling someone you want to give them a KISS, you love laughing and SNICKERing with them, or that they are a real LIFE SAVER, candy always helps express these feelings in a much sweeter way!


[And don't forget, candy goes best when it is followed by some healthy, good ol' fashioned fruits and veggies!]


Written by Katie Brookoff