Toys for boys, Toys for girls... does it matter?

Friday, March 07 2014 @ 04:59 PM

Toys for boys, Toys for girls... does it matter?

With the LEGO Movie currently blowing up movie screens this week, it got us thinking about the whole concept of “girls toys” vs. “boys toys.” It used to be that LEGOs were considered a toy for boys, but that’s ridiculous! Girls love to build too!

So what are some other toys that are defying the whole concept of Girls vs. Boys?


One of our favorites is GoldieBlox. Maybe you’ve seen some of the really cool videos they’ve done. GoldieBlox are construction toys designed to get girls excited about building and engineering. They are fun and interactive, and girls can post their inventions on the GoldieBlox website and share with other engineers.


Also re-writing the rules of “toys for boys” is the Nerf Rebelle. Katniss Everdeen and her skills in hunting and archery in the Hunger Game series make her a powerful heroine for girls to look up to. The Nerf Rebelle lets girls channel their inner Katniss! Nerf shooters used to be made in blues and reds and traditional boy colors. Now they’ve introduced designs and colors that appeal to everyone, so saving the world can be a job for superheroes and superheroines alike!


On the flip side, it’s not often you see boys playing with Barbie dolls. That probably won’t change any time soon, but what do you think? Could Ken be a doll that appeals to boys AND girls? What are some of your favorite toys that both boys and girls can enjoy together? Should toys be made for one or the other, or does it not matter anymore? We don’t have the answers...we just want to play!