Friday, February 14 2014 @ 12:46 PM


Who is your Valentine? Well, we know someone that loves you more than anyone else in the world: MOM! So let’s make Mom feel extra special this year with some surprising Valentine’s Day gifts she won’t see coming, and will NEVER forget!


A Sea of Serenades.  Gather as much pink and red construction paper, glue, tape, glitter, and ribbon as you can find.  With all of these items you’re going to design a sea of Valentine’s Day hearts.  Use all of your supplies to make them different sizes and designs. Inside each heart, write a little sweet message or happy memory to your Mom.  Remember, you’re not making a couple of hearts…you’re making so many hearts that they cover every inch of her room!  When she wakes up in the morning she’ll be swimming in hearts!  Sit with your Mom and reminisce while she reads all of your thoughtful messages.


The Sweetest Breakfast of All.  Breakfast in bed will never be the same after today!  Actually, this epic Valentine’s breakfast won’t fit in the bed, so you’ll have to bring Mom to the table (and you may have to recruit Dad’s help.) What you’ll want to do is make every last one of your Mom’s favorite breakfast dishes in the shape of a heart.  Eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, cereal, bagels, fruit, donuts, cinnamon rolls, grits, hash browns, granola, scones, yogurt, and if you have any heart shaped cups, juice, coffee, tea, and milk!  Don’t let Mom lift a finger to help, and don’t worry if she can’t eat it all because that is what you, Dad, and the neighbors are for.


All Natural From the Heart.  This Valentine is for everyone living in the snow-covered parts of the country. Make sure to bundle up because you may be in the cold for a while with this one. All you need is some red food coloring and a little imagination.  Use the food coloring to make your Valentine’s Day designs stand out in the snow.  You can use other colors too if it helps your design.  Remember, you can’t go wrong with a giant heart and roses.  Why stop there though?  If you can, try to design one of your favorite memories between you and your Mom in the snow.  That will really surprise her! (And if you’re living in one of the warmer parts of the world, you can still accomplish this gift with sticks, flowers and all those paper hearts from our first idea!)


Cozy Up To Cartoons. batteryPOP has some great Valentine themed episodes that you and Mom can watch together while cuddling in bed. They’re all super short, so you’ll still have time for all your other gifts as well!