What could be better than a Bad Hair Day?

Friday, February 13 2015 @ 01:23 PM

What could be better than a Bad Hair Day?

We’ve all had them. That day where nothing you do could make your hair look the way you want it to. Not hair gel, not spray, not even a hair tie could solve your problem. Whether it be stick straight, fizziness or uncontrollable curls, batteryPOP hears you!


In her first Disney Channel original movie “Bad Hair Day,” Laura Marano (Ally on Disney’s “Austin and Ally”) has the worst hair day EVER on the MOST important day - senior prom! Laura plays Monica, a high school tech whiz, who is your typical teenager that wants to get her drivers license, hang with her friends, go to prom and be prom queen. But, when her hair goes wrong, so does everything else. She’s dealing with a melted prom dress and shoes that exploded! This is tragic!


Instead of going to prom, she winds up on an adventure with a cop (Leigh-Allyn Baker, who plays Amy on Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie”) as the two go on a hunt for missing jewels. Not that this day could get any worse, but did we mention that they are being chased by a jewel thief named Pierce (played by Christian Campbell)? This movie looks funny and action packed!


To get you ready for the movie, check out the theme song, “For the Ride,” written by and sung by 19-year-old Laura, who as you know, also sings songs for her show “Austin and Ally.” This new song has been on repeat! You can watch the music video for “For the Ride” HERE.


“Bad Hair Day” premieres on Disney Channel TONIGHT at 8/7c.