What's a ROCKNOCEROS? Find out, This Week on batteryPOP!

Tuesday, September 29 2015 @ 09:20 PM

What's a ROCKNOCEROS? Find out, This Week on batteryPOP!


Meet Coach, Williebob, and Boogie Bennie: a trio of best friends that make up the Kindie Rock band Rocknoceros! Celebrating their 10th year together, they are releasing a brand new album, and you can catch their animated music videos on batteryPOP!

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Popping This Week: TWINKLE TOES

It's their time to shine! Meet Twinkle Toes, Sporty Shorty, Poppy, Olivia, and Walter- BFFs with a mission to light up the world with big dreams, bright fashions, and twinklin' shoes, of course! 

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From Our YouTube Channel: LIMON AND OLI

Cartoon comedy's gone to the birds! Limon & Oli, from the popular Turkish comic strip Sizinkiler by Salih Memecan, are a breakout hit on Disney Jr across Europe, and you can catch the original cartoon shorts NOW at YouTube.com/batteryPOP! From Donald Duck to Woody Woodpecker, Limon & Oli continue the great tradition of birds gone haywire! Please to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! 

Short of the Week: ADVENTURES OF OWEN

Anyone with a love of animation can relate to Owen. If things aren't going well in the real world, he knows a world of action, excitement and confidence is only a pencil sketch away. Don't miss this incredible short film for kids from film maker David Cadiz!

Kids Trivia

This Week's Trivia: Who was created by Gepetto the woodcarver?  

Last Week's Trivia: What is the only state with a one syllable name? 

Answer: Maine