Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown CHAMPIONSHIP!

Monday, June 01 2015 @ 04:24 PM

Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown CHAMPIONSHIP!

batteryPOP is very excited to welcome Stefan Sheppard from the fantastic kids music blog Zooglobble as our guest blogger for the Kindie Rock Showdown. Check the batteryPOP bLOG each week for Stefan's updates!

Here we are, dedicated Kindie Rock Showdown fans and blog aficionados.  You’ve waited three weeks to get here, and in the meantime you’ve watched eight great kids music videos for families, POPped (we hope) your favorites at least once, and maybe been introduced to a new family favorite.  That was certainly one of my hopes when I first started pitting kids music videos against each other tournament-style a few years ago, and I know the folks here at batteryPOP feel the same.

Having said all that, this week is all about the championship.  No, there’s no shining Vince Lombardi trophy, or a tiny Grammy statuette, or... whatever it is they give to Nobel Prize winners besides a bunch of cash.  Instead, the only thing the winner of the first batteryPOP/Zooglobble Kindie Rock Showdown will receive is the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve got a very popular kids music video.


(Just kidding, y’all -- it’s just the satisfaction part.)

So, watch these two music videos carefully -- the collage-style animation homage to everyone’s (at least my) favorite dairy-based treat “Ice Cream” from Danny Weinkauf:

and the self-accepting strut through a school building of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his family and friends in their video for “Gotta Be You.”

 They’re both great songs with videos that compliment them very well.  You might like both, but only one can win -- vote today... and all week.