Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE 2

Wednesday, June 03 2015 @ 12:46 PM

Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE 2

batteryPOP is very excited to welcome Stefan Sheppard from the fantastic kids music blog Zooglobble as our guest blogger for the Kindie Rock Showdown!

As I write this on Wednesday morning a little more than 2 days after the final started, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s “Gotta Be You” has 997 votes and Danny Weinkauf’s “Ice Cream” 947 votes.  It wouldn’t surprise me if by the time I finish writing this in a few minutes that Skidoo will hit a thousand (with Danny reaching four figures soon thereafter).  If I do the math correctly, that suggests each video could be POPped 3,000 times or more this week, and we probably won’t know until late Sunday night who wins this championship match.

That is the craziness that Kindie Rock Showdown will sometimes engender.
It’s totally meaningless, as I remind readers and (especially) artists every time I do this, but that doesn’t mean that the artists and fans don’t sometimes get totally invested.

I’m so glad that Greg and the rest of the batteryPOP contingent reached out to me to talk about ways to increase the visibility of kids music here on batteryPOP and that they took a chance on this crazy idea.  Turns out it was a great fit.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank some other people:
-- All eight artists for sharing their videos with us

-- Laurie Berkner (Laurie Berkner!) for recording special introductions to the videos just for this contest

-- and YOU, dear readers, for tuning in, watching these videos, and POPping your favorites.

I had lots of fun this past month -- hope everyone else did too.  Keep POPping your favorites this week and see you again here on batteryPOP soon!
P.S. (Yep, now it’s Skidoo at 1,001, Danny at 961.)