Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown round one update

Sunday, May 10 2015 @ 08:53 PM

Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown round one update

batteryPOP is very excited to welcome Stefan Sheppard from the fantastic kids music blog Zooglobble as our guest blogger for the Kindie Rock Showdown. Check the batteryPOP bLOG each week for Stefan's updates!

Hi, everyone!  My name is Stefan Shepherd, and I run the kids music website Zooglobble.  A few years ago, I came up with the idea of a tournament in which kids and parents would watch some of the best kids music videos of the year and vote on their favorites in head-to-head matchups.

Fast-forward a few years, batteryPOP features tons of great video content, including music videos from many of the artists who participated in past tournaments.  What better place to have the Kindie Rock Showdown, with the opportunity for you to POP the video you like most.

While Laurie Berkner (Laurie Berkner!) will provide some commentary on the videos themselves, I'll also be sharing a few thoughts about the artists who will be participating in this year's Showdown.  So without any further ado, let's talk about the 4 artists who'll be competing this week!

Alphabet Rockers: This Bay Area trio is one of the leading kindie hip hop artists.  They have an educational focus, but they never forget that it's just as important to engage and entertain the kids they're teaching.  Their songs and hooks will get your kids moving.  Not only do they have a great energy live, their videos capture that energy and look SHARP!


The Bazillions:  This Minnesota-based band writes catchy power-pop songs, sometimes about educational topics (their video for "Preposition" has more than a million views on YouTube), and sometimes about much sillier stuff.  But much like the Schoolhouse Rock videos of 40 years ago, the songwriting is made that much more memorable with the addition of visuals, in this case from eg design.  Video-for-video, this band is one my favorite videomakers.


Danny Weinkauf:  After years playing (and even writing a couple kids' songs for) They Might Be Giants, Weinkauf tried his hand at writing an entire solo album of kids music.  Turns out he learned a lot while playing with TMBG -- his songs from "No School Today" are peppy, smart, and funny.  And that goes for the videos from the album as well -- he worked with a number of different animators, and the results are fun and down-to-earth.

Caspar Babypants:  Maybe you know him better as Chris Ballew, one-third of the Presidents of the United States of America, the alternative-rock/pop band that's still going strong today.  But I know him better as caspar babypants, and for the past several years, he's turned out an album or two a year like clockwork.  Short little ditties every bit as catchy as his PUSA songs, just for the smaller set.  And he's put together an incredible set of videos, some featuring the work of other animators, others featuring his own minimalist style -- different approaches, both generally brilliant.

Don't forget to vote often (up to once a day!) and come back next week to learn a little bit more about our other 4 artists.

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