Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown SEMI FINALS update

Monday, May 25 2015 @ 03:12 PM

Zooglobble: Kindie Rock Showdown SEMI FINALS update

batteryPOP is very excited to welcome Stefan Sheppard from the fantastic kids music blog Zooglobble as our guest blogger for the Kindie Rock Showdown. Check the batteryPOP bLOG each week for Stefan's updates!

Welcome back to the Kindie Rock Showdown!  We have just four bands and videos left in this tournament -- you might even call these the final four entries, if it weren’t for the fact that some other entity may in fact have that phrase copyrighted.

Our first matchup is West Coast versus East Coast, live action versus animation, hip-hop versus power-pop.  It’s Alphabet Rockers with “Dynamite” going up against Danny Weinkauf’s “Ice Cream.”  Despite all their differences, what do these two videos have in common?  Kids!  Lots and lots of kids.  I think both these videos are lots of fun to watch for different reasons.  The energy in “Dynamite” -- a song called “Dynamite” had better be energetic, right? -- compared to the cute factor dialed-up-to-11 of the “collage-d” kids in “Ice Cream.”  Hard to choose, perhaps, but that’s the point of the Showdown -- time for you to choose!

The second matchup also features some differing styles, but both artists have been popular “kindie” artists for a number of years now.  Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s “Gotta Be You” had an incredible Round 1, with the video garnering the most votes of any entry.  Between Skidoo’s rapping and those horns, it’s a powerful song, but its semifinal opponent, Seattle power-pop band The Not-Its, channel their inner hair-metal band on “Haircut.”  I would say that they really let their hair down in this video, but that’s such a bad pun that I’m afraid the fine folks at batteryPOP won’t let me continue writing these blog posts if I continue with cracks like that.

Kids music superstar Laurie Berkner is still introducing these videos (yay!) and giving her own thoughts on the bands and the videos, so do check those out if you haven’t already.  Also, if you’ve come here because you’re a super fan of one of these artists, I’d encourage you to check out the other videos -- one of the reasons I’ve always liked these showdowns is that it lets fans find other bands and videos who clearly have their own fanbases.


And finally -- if you can’t decide which video to vote for, it’s OK!  You can vote once a day -- so why not vote for one video on Monday, its competitor on Tuesday, back to the first video on Wednesday, and so on.  By Sunday, I’m sure your family can decide who can get the tie breaking seventh vote. ;-)

NOTE FROM batteryPOP: The more puns the better, Zooglobble!