Akili and Me

Akili and Friends in Lala Land

Akili meets new English speaking friends in a magical land. Akili and the audience learn the names of their new friends (Akili, Little Lion, Happy Hip...

Akili and Me

Akili and Friends in Lala Land


Akili meets new English speaking friends in a magical land. Akili and the audience learn the names of their new friends (Akili, Little Lion, Happy Hip...

Akili and the Animal Families


Akili meets her friend's families in the magical land. Akili and Me audience learn names of family members: Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother.

Akili and the Five Little C...


Akili finds out that the five little chicks who were in Savannah Land are now in Lala Land. Akili works with her friends to get all the five chicks an...

Akili and Friends Make Frui...


Akili, her friends, and 10 little chicks help Mother Hippo gather the fruits and make juice in Lala Land. While making juices Akili learns how to coun...

Akili and the Magic Tree


Akili and her friends in Lala Land meet the magical tree, Mr. Tree. Mr. Tree can do magic but he has to drink water from the magical pond. The co - fo...

Akili and the Dancing Doll


Akili wakes up in Lala Land beach and she meets with her three friends, together they find a coconut that looks like a human face, they get the idea o...

Akili and Friends Start a Band


Akili wants to start her band, she and her friends start to look for the band instruments and learn the keywords hear, see, and music.

Akili and Friends in the Cl...


Akili and her friends wake up on the clouds in Lala Land they enjoy the beautiful view from the top but later become tired and want to go down they le...

Akili and Sad Hippo


Happy Hippo is sad, Akili and her friends are trying different ways of making Happy Hippo, happy again and they learn the words happy and sad in the p...

Akili and the Angry Plant


Akili and her friends meet with Mrs. Shrub who is angry. The co four try to help Mrs.Shrub to be happy again and they learn the words: thank you, happ...

Akili and the Flying Car


Akili and her friends want to go to the magical island. In order to go there, they have to build a flying car. Each character uses his/her talent to b...

Akili and the Dinosaur Eggs


Akili and her friends have mixed the Dinosaur eggs, each Dinosaur wants its eggs. The co four had to sort out the eggs and in the process, they learn ...

Akili and the Shape Train


The parts of the train have separated and the train can't move. Akili and her friends try to put the parts together and there they learn about differe...

Akili and Lala Land's Missi...


Akili wakes up in Lala Land and finds out that the Lala Land is completely colourless from the flowers to the sky and it's because the rainbow is sick...

Akili and the Animal Carnival


There is a party at Lala Land, Akili and her friends decide to invite more animals for the party and on the way, they learn the words dog, cat, and co...

Akili and the Animal Clothes


Akili and friends in Lala Land are surprised to see the clothes are missing in the process of finding out why the clothes are missing and where to get...

Akili and the Giant


Giant has germs all over his body, Akili and her friends want to help Giant, as they help him they learn about germs, soap, and water.

Akili and Friends Play Hide...


Akili and her friends are laying hide and seek in Lala Land. Through the game, they learn new words window and door in English.

Akili and Friends in TV Land


Akili and her friends are looking for Happy Hippo who is on TV, they are looking for her they learn English words chair, TV, and radio.

Akili and the Big Race


There is a big race but you can't participate unless you have a car, motorcycle, airplane, or car. Akili and her friends take three vehicles and learn...

Akili and the Sun, Moon, an...


Akili and her friends go to the sky in Lala Land and meet the family in the sky. Akili learns the words sun, moon, and stars.

Akili and the Grown-ups


Akili goes with her mother to her mother's working place; there she meets grownup working in different places they ask her what does she want to do wh...

Akili and the Alphabet Wall


The wind blows the letter from the wall, Akili and her friends look for the missing letters and hang them back to the wall at the same time they learn...

Akili and the Magic Storybook


Akili and her friends are reading the magical book and they learn about where, when, and what?

Akili and Friends Grow a Fl...


Akili wakes up in the Lala Land desert the place isn't cool without flowers and plants. Akili and her friends try different ways of growing the flower...

Akili and the Special Birth...


Tomorrow is Akili's birthday, Akili is not sure whether she should invite her friends or just celebrate with her family, when they go to Lala Land she...

Sing With Me!


Akili arrives back in Lala Land, but where have all the bright colours and cheerful sounds gone? She and her friends must SING to wake up all the colo...

Let's Make a Car


A box is not just a box; it could be a house, a hide-out, or even a car! Akili and her friends are reminded about the importance of saying 'please' an...

Bush Bongo Club


You can use your hands to clap clap clap! You can use your feet to jump jump jump! Akili learns some of the different things you can do with your hand...

Wake Up, Sister Hippo!


Sister Hippo is feeling sleepy. She sleeps as she walks, she sleeps as she eats, she even sleeps at the fairground!

Big Friend, Small Friend


Big Mr. Elephant and small Mr. Mouse have lost their balls and their hats. Luckily Akili and her friends are here to help! Akili learns the difference...

My Bananas!


Monkey is feeling sad because he has lost his bananas. Luckily Akili, Happy Hippo, Little Lion, and Bush Baby are ready to help find the bananas and h...

Find the Frog!


Akili makes a new friend, Frog. But Frog is green and Akili keeps losing him in the long green grass!

Nina Eats Everything...


Akili meets Nina, a small, purple creature who loves to EAT! The problem is, Nina eats everything! Unless Akili can find Nina some healthy food to eat...

Hide and Seek


Akili and Bush Baby take Bush Brother's oranges without asking. It makes Bush Brother feel bad. Akili and Bush Baby must say SORRY, and give back the ...

Dance with Me!


Sister Lion is teaching Akili and friends a new dance. But Akili keeps falling over. Her friend learns to help each other out when they slip up so the...

Bush Baby's New Friends


Bush Baby has some cute new friends. They have two long ears and four little paws. But what are they called?

Sad Dog


The dog is feeling sad. What will make him feel happy again? Should we read him a book? Should we jump rope with him? Should we sing with him, or even...

Day at the Farm


Akili visits Grandmother Lion's farm where she goes in search of eggs and milk. Which animal lays eggs? Which animal makes milk? Akili needs the help ...

Let's Make Music!


Happy Hippo wants to play music for her mother's birthday. Akili, Little Lion, and Bush Baby want to help, but first, they need to find some musical i...

Where Did the Eggs Go?


Akili, Happy Hippo, Bush Baby, and Little Lion offer to help look after Bird's three eggs while she goes in search of food. But the eggs go missing on...

Who Likes Rice?


Rhino doesn't like bread. Rhino doesn't like bananas. Rhino doesn't like juice. Rhino likes... rice!

Cat City


Akili and friends find themselves in a new town... surrounded by cats! Meow meow meow!

Frog Feast


Akili and friends accidentally spill all of Mother Frog's food! Now they must learn a new word: Cook! And help Mother Frog to cook all the food for th...

The Lost Voices


Chicken, Cow, and new friend Goat have lost their voices! Akili and friends must follow Goat up to the top of the mountain to try and get them back.

The Helmet Thief


Someone is crying in Picture Land... it's the Guardian! Someone stole her helmet, and she can't protect Picture Land without her helmet! Akili and fri...

I Love You!


Bush Baby loves his brothers and sisters. Happy Hippo loves her sister too. Little Lion loves his whole family. And Akili loves YOU!

The Magic Seed


Little Lion has a seed. Akili, Happy Hippo, and Bush Baby help him to plant it in the ground, and with a little water it grows into... a tomato plant!...

Get Clean


The Giant is feeling sad. He thinks no-one will want to be his friend because he smells bad. But Akili, Little Lion, Happy Hippo and Bush Baby are his...

Follow the Footprints


Akili arrives in Lala Land, but there is no-one to be found. Instead, she spots some footprints which might just lead her to her friends. But there ar...