O Bulbo Tree


Castaway Bulbo


Washed up on the shores of an uncharted isle, the Bulbed One makes the best of it with typical aplomb. Watch more videos from this great black-and-whi...

Bulbo in Bulboland


In this cartoon for kids, vacation-bound Bulbo faces off with fickle fate during a jaw-dropping journey to his ancestoral homeland. Don't miss what ha...

Bulbo and the Haunted House


In this black and white cartoon, hair-raising hijinx ensue when an automotive mishap ensnarles our horrified hero within the bowels of a malevolent ma...

Bulbo in Love


In this black and white silent cartoon, romance bubbles between Bulbo and Bulbette in this timeless classic from the Valentine vaults. Ah, l'amour!

Bulbo Meets the Mummy


In this fun cartoon for kids, archaeological antics lead to a fearsome pharaonic face-off.

Bulbo Back to Nature


Our plucky protagonist heeds the call of the wild, resulting in a delightful series of utterly random events. Don't miss other great videos from this ...

Olympic Bulbo


In this fun cartoon for kids, athletically inflatable Bulbo enters the games with gusto and goes for the gold.

Prehysterical Bulbo


Our intrepid Time Traveler tests his nifty noggin against disruptive dinos and nettlesome neanderthals. Click on our other videos from this black-and-...

Bulbo Shopping Spree


In this black-and-white silent cartoon for kids, spend-crazy Bulbo buys into consumer culture and gets more than he bargains for. See what else he's u...

Bulbo Surf n' Turf


Beach boy Bulbo frolics by the sea with the comely Bulbette whilst foiling a sand-kicking brute. Check out the fun antics in this black-and-white cart...

Bulbo Talks Turkey


In this cartoon for kids, the tables are turned when Bulbo's Thanksgiving pilgrimage turns out strictly... for the birds.

Oh, Bulbo Tree


A heart-warming holiday frolic from the long ago 20th Century days of dial up modems and 12 frames per second animation. Enjoy more black-and-white si...

Bulbo in Zanyland


In this cartoon, peculiarity reigns when Bulbo visits magical, multi-hued Zanyland in the madcap, mind-expanding mis-adventure. Check out these colors...