Charlie & Company

Charlie & Company Theme

This music video encourages creativity and learning as it introduces the Charlie and Company show.

Charlie & Company

Charlie & Company Theme


This music video encourages creativity and learning as it introduces the Charlie and Company show.

Dog Birthday Party


Charlie and Miss Ellie daydream about what it would be like to hold a birthday party for Charlie in this silly video.

Letters on the Farm


Miss Ellie teaches how kids how they can use things like straw, popsicle sticks, or bendy sticks, to practice making letters.

Miss Ellie's Hat Song


As Charlie and Miss Ellie try on some fun hats, Miss Ellie is inspired to write a silly song about them in this fun video.

Miss Ellie Song


Miss Ellie writes a song about learning and spending time with her best friend Charlie.

My Charlie Charlie


Charlie sings a song about his friends and other things he loves in this cute music video.



Socrates sings about himself and the definition of the word Nocturnal with the help of some of his friends in this night time music video.

No Song for a Squirrel


Autumn sings a sad country song noting there are songs for sheep, mice, and cats but no song for squirrels, only to realize she has just written a son...

Paw Painting


Charlie paints a picture with the help of artist Joel Tanis in this fun video.

Wet Dog


“The dog jumped in the lake, oh for goodness sake, I think he's going to shake, oh no!” is the start of this hilarious parody of the song “Shake it Of...

Writing in the Kitchen


Miss Ellie shows kids how they can practice writing their numbers on special tracing paper.

Writing in the Woods


Miss Ellie teaches pre-writing skills such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, and circles, by drawing them on the ground with a stic...

Meet Autumn


Charlie's friend Autumn Redsquirrel introduces herself as somebody who loves to count in this fun, rhyming, animated video.

Meet Charlie


Charlie introduces himself as an overachieving Golden Retriever who loves both walks, and yummy treats, in this animated video.

Meet Jaz


Charlie's friend Jahzara Komali introduces herself as a tiger with pizazz, who will help both excel, and learn to spell, in this animated video. ...

Meet Levi


Charlie's friend Levi Cottonwood introduces himself as a clever beaver who loves building, measuring, and math in this animated video.

Meet Nestor


Charlie's friend Nestor Fields introduces himself as an adventurer who loves vocabulary in this animated video.

Meet Oba


Charlie's friend Oba introduces himself as a friendly purple bear who likes both the alphabet, and the sounds letters make, in this animated video. ...

Meet Socrates


Charlie's friend Socrates introduces himself as a wise owl who loves philosophizing in this animated video.

Meet Violet


Charlie's friend Violet Ringtail introduces herself as a blue raccoon who loves both using her brain and getting smarter, in this animated video. ...

Animal Farm


This music video teaches about the rhyming words, beginning word sounds, and names of animals found on a farm.

Build It Up


This music video teaches children about building things, the different tools used on a construction site, and the sounds the tools make.

Cool Zone Fire Station


This music video teaches children about the Fire Station and Firefighters who work there, along with preschool readiness skills.

It Counts to Exercise


This music video teaches exercise to music as kids count and skip count to 100.

Counting in the Kitchen


This music video teaches counting through the real world experience of preparing french toast as a family.

School Zone Symphony


This music video teaches the different musical instrument families as they are being played.

Wonderful Walk In The Woods


This music video encourages an appreciation and love of nature as it follows a family's walk in the woods.